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March 29, 2011
by Rachel

Compost (or how I learned to stop worrying and love worms)

Join Green and Tidy to get your FREE decluttering training. I share my house with about 20,000 worms. They live in a Can O Worms wormery composter (see picture). It’s a great composting solution for me because I haven’t got a garden big enough for a compost heap/bin, and because the organic waste I produce is all from cooking (rather…

March 25, 2011
by Rachel

How do you decide when your towels are worn out?

How do you decide when something is ‘worn out’? For me it has to be no longer capable of fulfilling its original function before I’ll call it done for (and then I can sometimes find another use for it). Now part of the function of (most) clothes is to make us look good so I suppose you could argue that…

March 22, 2011
by Rachel

What can I get rid of this month?

This month, it was half a dozen presentation folders – card folders to present a file of papers attractively. I think I bought them about 23 years ago and they’ve been in the top drawer of my filing cabinet ever since. Didn’t look like I was ever going to use them did it? Someone on GreenCycleSussex was delighted to have…

March 21, 2011
by Rachel

Launching GreenAndTidy

I’m Rachel Papworth. I’m a bird-loving, green-minded, semi-vegan fitness freak living in wonderful Brighton (on the South coast of England), within walking distance of the sea and the South Downs National Park. I’m blogging as part of the process of developing a new business, based on two things that run through me like Brighton runs through seaside rock: decluttering and…