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April 27, 2011
by Rachel
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One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure

We all know we’ve got more stuff than we need. It takes something to get round to sorting out the things we don’t want and getting rid of them though, doesn’t it? And we tend to want our stuff to go to a ‘good home’. We’d like to know it’s being used, and loved. AND, we love an evening with…

April 21, 2011
by Rachel

Ethical finance

I love my insurance company. I bet you don’t know many people who say that. I’ve always used Naturesave Insurance for building and home contents insurance, so I’m chuffed to hear today that they’ve been awarded the Queens Award For Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category for 2011. Naturesave puts sustainability and ethics at the core of its operations. Amongst…

April 20, 2011
by Rachel

Make do and mend

Once again, Brighton’s Freecycling community comes up trumps. My decades-old hairdryer starting cutting out recently and a cursory investigation revealed the problem: the flex was splitting at the point where it entered the body of the hairdryer. While I could probably have picked up a new hairdryer for £15, it seemed a shame to take my old one to the…

April 18, 2011
by Rachel

Stumbling into Aladdin’s cave

Have you ever dreamed of finding a cornucopia: a crazy, dusty junk shop piled high with curiosities, where you could spend a happy hour rummaging and delving, drawn by the possibility of discovering a gem, a gorgeous mysterious object that you would treasure forever? Last week, as I made my way home from a friend’s in the late afternoon/early evening,…

April 13, 2011
by Rachel
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The Green Death: when you go, go green

Do you remember the Doctor Who Green Death serial? First broadcast in 1973, it terrified the five-year-old me. Now I find myself scaring others by talking to them about my green death. I’d like to go the way I lived, with as little impact on the environment as I can manage. Crematoria use gas (a finite resource and producer of…