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How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! Part 2: From batteries to furniture


Last week Next Starfish published the first in a series of three guest blogs from me on how to move on unwanted clutter in the most eco-friendly way. Part 2 is available now.

So, click here for suggestions for ways to move on all sorts of items, from batteries to furniture.

Next week, the final part in the series will provide guidance on items from glasses (spectacles) to vinyl records.

Is there something you don’t know how to dispose of? Comment below and, if I’m not already planning to cover it, I’ll research it for you and see if I can add it before next week.




  • Doug Dunn

    Great tips on recycling and decluttering. What a great site! I also really enjoyed Next Starfish and listening to Daniel Kahneman over a cup of coffee. He distinguishes experience-based happiness from satisfaction (story) -based happiness. I’m still thinking about it 🙂 Doug

  • Thanks for your kind words Doug. So glad you liked the post and took the time to nose round both my site and Next Starfish. I’ll have to check out Daniel Kahneman.

  • Lucydancer

    really useful, thanks! can you tell me how to get rid of unwanted toiletries? Do you know if there are local Women’s Refuge groups that would like clothes and toiletries as this would definitely be an organisation I would like to support by giving my unwanted (but often very nice) toiletries. I’ve attended a conference in Scotland where they asked women to bring unwanted toiletries so they could give to a woman’s refuge group, but I have been unable to find a similar iniative in Brighton.

  • So pleased you’re finding it useful Lucy. Thanks for commenting. Unwanted toiletries are covered in next week’s post however, as a sneak preview…I move them on through Freecycle/Freegle (our local groups are FreeBrighton and GreenCycleSussex). I don’t know of any women’s refuges looking for such things locally. However, if they were, I suspect they’d have joined FreeBrighton and GreenCycleSussex. Hope that helps.