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How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! Part 3: From glasses to vinyl records


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Over the last three weeks Next Starfish has been publishing a series of three guest blogs from me on how to move on unwanted clutter in the most eco-friendly way. Part 3 is available now.

So, click here for suggestions for ways to move on all sorts of items, from glasses (spectacles) to vinyl records.

Is there something you don’t know how to dispose of? Comment below and, if I’m not already planning to cover it, I’ll research it for you and see if I can add it before next week.



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If you’re not yet part of the Green and Tidy community, sign up here (and get a free audio coaching session as a bonus).

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  • SAB

    You can use to help declutter and move along your unwanted stuff!

  • Ooh, that’s a new one for me. Thanks for telling me about it SAB.

    For other readers: it’s a website on which you can list stuff you’re giving away. Like Freecycle, only your stuff is available to anyone anywhere. They just pay the postage.

  • Some great additional suggestions for info to include, from a reader called Maria. Thanks Maria!

    Only bottles and jars can be recycled through glass banks. Don’t put in glassware (drinking glasses), pyrex, windowpanes, ceramics or mirrors. They can damage the equipment in recycling plants and prevent the recycled glass from being suitable for making into new containers.

    In case anyone is wondering, thermal paper is paper impregnated with a chemical that changes colour when exposed to heat. It’s that shiny paper that receipts are often printed on and that old fax machines used.

    Most local authorities collect cardboard and it’s best to contact your local authority to find out whether you need to remove sticky tape, staples etc.

    However, cardboard boxes go well on Freecycle, being popular with people moving home.

    Packing materials, such as bubble wrap and packing wotsits/peanuts also go well on Freecycle.