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July 14, 2011
by Rachel

How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! (Part 1)

Clients often tell me that not knowing the best ways to dispose of their stuff is a barrier to them decluttering. They want to declutter but they haven’t got time to research the most eco-friendly ways to move things on. And they can’t bear simply to dump stuff they know other people could use. So I researched ways to move…

July 12, 2011
by Rachel

Helping Rose make her dream come true – in just six weeks

This week, I did another two hours work with Rose. She’d asked me to come back in because she felt that her decluttering had stalled, and she was losing faith that she would reach the end of her backlog of clutter. From what she’d said, I expected to find the area we’d cleared together three weeks previously recluttered, and little…

July 5, 2011
by Rachel

Five ways to save money by decluttering

1. Stop buying duplicates As my client, Jennifer, (OK, that’s not actually her real name) and I decluttered some of her paperwork a few weeks ago, we came across two maps of the local area. She’d bought the second one because she couldn’t find the first one, even though she knew she had it. How often have you ended up…