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Can this ONE tip stop you over-shopping


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Ooh, shiny things!

The lure of the new.

The pleasure of sitting on the sofa, leafing through a catalogue…

…or flicking through beautiful things online.

Whether it’s clothes, baking equipment, books, CDs, DVD or whatever…

…catalogues and websites are designed to get us to buy.

We tell ourselves that we’re only “window-shopping” but…

During a recent paperwork declutter, on Facebook Live, with the lovely Clare Davey, from the UK Declutter Buster Group…

…we came across some Christmas catalogues.

Clare loves a browse through a catalogue…

…even when she doesn’t really need anything.

So how can she give herself the treat of a flick through…

…without being seduced to spend money…

…and acquire unecessary stuff?

Turns out, Clare’s got an answer to that!

And it might just help you too.

Watch the video below to learn Clare’s tip. Then comment below or on YouTube (you’ll need to be logged in to Google or YouTube) to tell us if it’ll work for you.

You can see all the excerpts from our session here.

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