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July 21, 2011
by Rachel

How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! Part 2: From batteries to furniture

Last week Next Starfish published the first in a series of three guest blogs from me on how to move on unwanted clutter in the most eco-friendly way. Part 2 is available now. So, click here for suggestions for ways to move on all sorts of items, from batteries to furniture. Next week, the final part in the series will…

May 23, 2011
by Rachel

Is your car more curse than convenience?

I ditched my car ten years ago. I’d been debating with myself whether to go car free for a few months as I was using my car less and less. I wasn’t sure though. If I got rid, would I be able to manage? I was self-employed with clients all over South East England and London. Would I lose out…