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July 14, 2011
by Rachel

How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! (Part 1)

Clients often tell me that not knowing the best ways to dispose of their stuff is a barrier to them decluttering. They want to declutter but they haven’t got time to research the most eco-friendly ways to move things on. And they can’t bear simply to dump stuff they know other people could use. So I researched ways to move…

June 27, 2011
by Rachel

Decluttering magazines and jewellery

I usually recommend that clients work on areas of their house rather than types of clutter, as fully decluttering an area enables them to see the progress they’re making more clearly. However, if someone knows that they have a lot of a specific type of clutter, it can help to bring it all together from various places in the house,…

June 4, 2011
by Rachel

How to jump start your clutter-busting

I’m excited about the Clutter-Busting Jump Start service I’ve just launched. It seems I never mention it in conversation without someone saying either that they’d like it themselves or they know someone who would. I’m looking forward to doing my first one on Tuesday and have already had the set-up conversation with my client. I talked her through a visioning…

May 2, 2011
by Rachel

The party’s over yet the fun continues

So, what to do with the leftovers from the decluttering rummage pot-luck party… The clothes and shoes are easy. I’ll bag them up and put them in a charity clothes bin. The rest of the leftovers are books (including loads about digital design), CD-Roms (mostly educational), a DVD, a few videos and a couple of CDs, plus some computer peripherals….

April 1, 2011
by Rachel

The joy of charity-shopping

I was in Selsey, in West Sussex, on business yesterday and I noticed several charity shops as I was looking for the place I had to be. So, after my meeting, I went for a rummage. And I found a gem. I love to cook. However, I hate to grate! It’s knackering. I’ve got a delicious borscht recipe, for example,…