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August 12, 2011
by Rachel

How do you know you won’t regret letting stuff go?

  If you’re not yet part of the Green and Tidy community, sign up here (and get a free decluttering masterclass as a bonus).   Does fear that if you let something go, you might end up regretting it, prevent you decluttering? This video might help you choose whether to move things on or keep them. And yes, I did…

June 1, 2011
by Rachel

Crazy green logic and how to defeat it

I’ve been working soooo hard for the last couple of weeks, putting together materials for my green decluttering coaching programme. I’ve decided to run a prototype programme (of maybe 10 weeks duration) for half a dozen people, starting end July/beginning August, and I’ve got five people ready to sign up already. The lucky six will get my programme super-cheap in…

May 19, 2011
by Rachel
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Why keeping it ‘cos you might use it in future isn’t always green.

This month’s area for decluttering is part of my loft. That part of my loft in which I keep old decorating materials. And it’s a salutary lesson in not hoarding. When you’re green-minded, it’s doubly tempting to hoard. I hate to put anything in the bin. My hand always hesitates as I think ‘Can’t I do something else with this?’…