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July 27, 2011
by Rachel

How am I supposed to know what to DO with it?! Part 3: From glasses to vinyl records

If you’re not yet part of the Green and Tidy community, sign up here (and get a free audio coaching session as a bonus).   Over the last three weeks Next Starfish has been publishing a series of three guest blogs from me on how to move on unwanted clutter in the most eco-friendly way. Part 3 is available now….

May 16, 2011
by Rachel
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Is your conscience as clean as your clothes?

In response to a request for laundry tips, here goes: 1. Balls! Instead of detergent, I’ve used Eco-Balls for years. Though I was initially sceptical, I’m happy with how effective they are. OK my laundry’s not like a detergent commercial. Sometimes a wash doesn’t get every mark out. However, I think they’re as effective as anything else I’ve used. Not…

May 15, 2011
by Rachel

Why secondhand isn’t always green

In a word (OK, two words), dry cleaning. I took a gorgeous dress that I’ve worn to a few parties recently to be dry cleaned today. Man, that made me uncomfortable. I only buy (or get for free) secondhand clothes. I’ve bought almost no new clothes for years and it now feels scandalously wasteful to me to buy new when…