10-Week Decluttering Training Programme

Clear Your Clutter, Stay Clutter-Free and Live the Life You Want

Clear your clutter backlog and cure your clutter habit for good using my ten-week training and coaching programme.

Learn why you personally have clutter, how to declutter challenging types of clutter, how to create time for decluttering, and how to stay clutter-free FOREVER.

“Before I did Clear Your Clutter, Stay Clutter-Free and Live the Life You Want, I felt stuck and hopeless about the clutter in my house. I’m not stuck anymore. In fact I’m raring to go. I’ve really changed my habits and attitudes”.

Are you overwhelmed by clutter?

Does walking through your own front door sap your energy?

Are you facing a mountain of stuff that stops you living the life you want?

Are you suffering from Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome?

Have you reached the point where you just can’t stand it anymore?

Do you have a packed social life and loads of friends yet you’re embarrassed to invite anyone into your home?

Are you a creative, artistic person whose creativity is blocked by piles of stuff on every surface?

Are you a successful professional whose colleagues and clients would be shocked if they saw the state of your home?

Are you ready to solve the problem FOREVER, and have your home support you to live the life you love?

Tackling a clutter-mountain can be overwhelming. You want to clear the backlog but where do you start? What if you make decisions you later regret? How do you avoid wasting stuff? And how do you stop the clutter creeping back?

You may have read books on clutter-clearing, watched the TV programmes, cut out articles from magazines. And they’ve made no difference. That’s because you’ve been trying to change your habits and attitudes without support. Or you’ve been trying to do it with the support of family and friends who are too close to you, too emotionally involved in the situation, and don’t have the coaching training and expertise to support you effectively.

That’s why I created… 

Clear Your Clutter, Stay Clutter-Free and Live the Life You Want*

“For years now there has been an area of my hallway, where everything goes that no-one knows what to do with. It was encroaching further and further into my study, and it was a real embarrassment to me because clients have to walk through that area when they come to work with me. It had just built up and up over the years, I wasn’t even really clear what was there. It was a really scary prospect clearing it, and I definitely thought it would do it right at the end of this programme.

We had a problem with our wireless router yesterday which meant I had to run a wire through the area. “In the old days” (i.e. before I did this programme), I would have just draped it behind the clutter (hidden, right?). But on the spur of the moment, slightly cross with myself at the state of it, I decided this was the moment to pull the whole lot out, tack the wire properly in position, find out what was in those piles, and reorganise them. And here’s the thing – I just cleared the whole area. I started last night, worked on it all morning, and finished it this afternoon (with a bit of sleep in the middle). I can’t believe I just got rid of most of it – a lot of paper to be recycled, a few things to be freecycled, and the rest to the charity shop (they are doing so well out of me at the moment).

It included letting go of several things I had stacked there because I intended to sell them (something I clearly have a lot of problems getting round to). I thought ‘Yes, I could sell them, but it takes a while to list each one, sometimes they don’t sell anyway, then there’s the hassle of wrapping and posting them. If I take them to the charity shop NOW they’re just gone, and I never have to think about them again’. So I loaded them into the boot of the car and they’re out of my hair. Money ‘waster’ maybe, but what a time saver!

This week [week 7], after chipping away at it week by week, the decluttering just seems to be taking off by itself and I’m feeling genuinely motivated. Clutter-clearing even when it isn’t scheduled!”

Imagine being supported to get clear what you want to achieve and where to start, to stay on track when you feel like giving up, to refocus when you get distracted. Imagine having guidance on how to combat those irrational thought processes that have you hold onto stuff, and how best to declutter the most common types of clutter, like newspapers, magazines, clothes and books. Plus advice on how to dispose of things in an eco-friendly way.

Through my ten-week programme, you can cure your clutter habit for good. You can have a home that supports you to live the life you want. You can develop new habits so that staying clutter-free becomes automatic. You can reach a point where you take for granted having a home that enables you to do your stuff. You’ll be free to create and socialise and pack your life full, and your home will make it possible without you even noticing.

Whether your thing is being creative, hosting get togethers or living a low impact life, a clear clutter-free home will support you to achieve it.

I’ve applied a Psychology degree from the University of Sussex, and many years of training and coaching experience, to the area of decluttering, to create a process that is manageable, easy to adopt, and WORKS! It gives you the confidence you need to create a home you love, a home that supports you to do the things you want to spend your life doing.

What do I get?

The full programme includes:

  • A weekly module containing
  • Exercises to help you identify the reasons why you personally accumulate clutter
  • My step-by-step process to effective decluttering
  • Guidance on how to declutter common types of clutter (like clothes, sentimental clutter and the clutter of people you live with)
  • Guidance on how to combat common irrational thought processes about hoarding and clutter
  • Guidance on how to create systems to prevent the clutter creeping back
  • Audio and video coaching
  • Real-life stories to provide inspiration and help you understand the processes
  • Editable workbooks in which to do the written exercises.
  • Access to other materials that I make available only to people on this programme, such as guidance on how to move on specific types of unwanted stuff (like paint and furniture to take just two examples).

Through the programme, you don’t just learn how to clear your clutter, you actually do it. You don’t just learn how to stay clutter-free, you start putting into place the actions that will have you stay clutter-free. And, through those two things, you begin to be free to live the life you want to live.

It’s about making lasting changes that will enable you to keep your home the way you want it, and be free to live how you want to live, for the rest of your life.

“I’m amazed at how much I’ve managed to achieve in just a few short weeks. There’s a bigger change to my environment than I’ve seen in…I have to say, probably about twenty years! Although I still have some ‘scary’ bits to do (like a basket of papers that I’ve never managed to get to the bottom of in about a decade) the things I have achieved are really encouraging me to believe I can do more. And what’s best of all is that I’m wanting to do more. It feels so good to shed the clutter. And the shame!”

What do I have to do?

  • Two two-hour clutter-clearing sessions each week of the course:
  • In session one, you choose an area to declutter, and sort through the stuff in that area.
  • In session two, you take actions you’ve identified as a result (making repairs, listing items on ebay or Freecycle, taking stuff to charity shops or recycling points, returning items that belong to someone else).
  • Work through the workbooks. I recommend scheduling an hour a week to work through them.

What DON’T I get?

  • More clutter! I won’t send you anything in the post. You won’t get hard copies of any of the materials. If you prefer to print them out to do the exercises, of course that’s fine. You can, however, complete them on your computer and store them as soft copies.
  • Unscientific self-help rules and assertions (e.g. it takes 21 repetitions to form a habit, your brain can only cope with three to seven things at once…)

Is it for me?

Clear Your Clutter, Stay Clutter-Free and Live the Life You Want is for you if:

  • You want a home that works for you, that supports you to live the life you want to live
  • You’re facing an overwhelming clutter-mountain.
  • You’re sick and tired of your clutter, and the way it saps your energy, stops you inviting people over, and prevents you from moving forward with your life.
  • You want to make the most eco-friendly decisions when decluttering.
  • You’re committed to staying clutter-free.
  • You’re prepared to do what it will take to declutter, and create a home that supports you to do the things you love.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re already the type of person who moves stuff on before it becomes clutter, and your cupboards and shelves are already organised. (Are your books in alphabetical order by author’s surname and is everything in your freezer clearly labelled with the date you froze it?) Not that you wouldn’t be welcome, I just want you to get value.
  • You’re not committed to working through the workbooks and doing two two-hour clutter-clearing sessions a week.
  • You’re not ready to change any of your habits.
  • You’re not ready to consider the possibility of changing any of your attitudes and opinions.

It’s perfect for you if you know you really want to declutter. Maybe you’ve been trying to declutter for sometime but somehow you don’t seem to make progress. Or you make a little bit of progress and then things slip back to how they were before, or worse. That’s been happening because you don’t have a framework in place that will keep you going, keep you motivated and keep you knowing that it’s possible and how to do it. So you can actually see your decluttered future as real in a specific time-frame.

What results can I expect?

Worse case scenario? You’ve got a better understanding of your clutter and why you have it.

More likely, by the end of the programme, you will:

  • Have made a significant difference to the amount of clutter in your home. You may even have completely decluttered it. Wow!
  • Have new attitudes, habits and skills that will ensure you stay clutter-free forever.
  • Have identified the reasons you have clutter, and the actions you can take to combat them.
  • Know how to declutter common types of clutter and challenging types of clutter, including paperwork, jewellery, sentimental items, books and the clutter of people you live with.
  • Have saved money/made money (possibly more than enough to cover the cost of the programme).
  • Have reduced your environmental impact.
  • Have saved time.
  • Have simplified your life.
  • Have achieved peace of mind.

The advantage of being on this programme is that you get challenged to change your habits and your attitudes and opinions. Instead of working with people who either are cluttered themselves so can only collude with you about how impossible it is to clear your clutter and stay clutter-free, or with people who are naturally clutter-free so don’t understand why you aren’t, and maybe even patronise you or bully you about it, you get to work with someone who understands both the processes of becoming cluttered and how to combat them. If you haven’t got someone like this in your life, you don’t get the input you need to make a difference. You need someone who can say ‘there’s another way’, ‘there’s a way you can tackle this that will actually work, long-term’.

I will never push you to get rid of something. And my process gives you space to be unsure so that you only decide to let something go with complete confidence.

What does it cost?

The programme is based on another programme I run which includes one-to-one and group coaching. That programme costs £497 and the participants tell me it makes a real difference.

I know there are other people who want this programme right now but, because it involves a significant time input from me I have to limit access to it. So I’ve decided to run a DIY version of the programme.

In the DIY version, you get the modules and workbooks, with the audio and video coaching, and the real-life stories. You get the editable workbooks. And you get the additional materials that are exclusive to this programme.

And, because it involves less input from me, it’s considerably cheaper than the full programme.

Instead of costing £497 (about $800), it costs just £100 (that’s less than $150!)

What are the dates?

The programme starts as soon as you join, and finishes 10 weeks later.

How do I get on the programme?

Just click the button below. When you’ve made your payment, you’ll be taken to a web form. Put your name and email address in there, click the link in the confirmation email and you’re on the programme!

PS If you’re inspired to do it, I encourage you to do it. If you see that this programme could help you, and you let something stop you from taking the opportunity, I’m willing to bet that same thing stops you everywhere. And it’s been stopping you for your whole life. This is your chance to break through that barrier. Don’t miss it.

* Legal bit: You have a legal right to cancel purchases made over the internet within seven working days, or until you confirm you wish to go ahead with the purchase, whichever is the sooner. Clicking the confirmation link confirms you wish to go ahead with the purchase.

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