I know some Freecyclers don’t like Wanted ads. As I’ve said before though, I’m a fan.

Not only have I got some great stuff through posting Wanted ads, I love how Wanted ads prompt me to move stuff on.

I’ve got a Freecycler coming today to pick up a digital, cordless telephone with answering machine.

I got rid of my personal landline a couple of months ago. Hadn’t managed to part with the phone yet though!

(I notice I can find it hard to part with electrical equipment. Some irrational part of my brain sees them as expensive and valuable, even when they’re not).

So it’d been sitting on my desk, being clutter. I think I left it there in an attempt to make myself make a decision about it – preferably to get rid of it.

And then, a few days ago, someone posted a Freecycle Wanted ad for a landline phone, as their baby had ‘sucked ours to death’.

Done. Bye bye phone clutter. 🙂

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