Clients often tell me that not knowing the best ways to dispose of their stuff is a barrier to them decluttering.

They want to declutter but they haven’t got time to research the most eco-friendly ways to move things on. And they can’t bear simply to dump stuff they know other people could use.

So I researched ways to move on some of the most common types of clutter.

Then Next Starfish asked me if I’d like to contribute a guest blog to its site. Next Starfish highlights actions we can take in our everyday lives to make a difference to the challenges ofย  poverty and hunger, conflict and injustice, lack of resources and environmental damage facing our world.

Next Starfish and I agreed that this issue of eco-decluttering was where our sites overlapped.

So mosey on over to my guest blog on Next Starfish to find out how to declutter in an eco-friendly way. This week, the post is about general approaches (reduce, reuse, recycle). Next week, I’ll blog about how to move on specific things (from batteries and bicycles, through broken jewellery and opened cosmetics/toiletries, to safety pins and used stamps).

Is there something you don’t know how to dispose of? Comment below and, if I’m not already planning to cover it, I’ll research it for you and see if I can add it before next week.

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