Introducing the lovely Robyn O’Connell, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist who’s researching the experiences of people who have clutter in their homes, as part of her PhD at the University of East London.

She’s writing a thesis entitled “Rethinking ‘hoarding’ and its treatment: An exploration of experiences of people who have lots of belongings“.

Her aim is to develop understanding of how clutter can be managed, and identify ways to improve treatment services.

And she’s looking for people to take part in anonymised in-depth interviews. Interviewees will receive a £10 voucher of their choice as a thank you.

There’s more information here.

Do you fit the following description?

  • You have trouble throwing things away
  • You’ve  noticed that clutter in your home stops you from using some of your living space
  • You or others (e.g. family, visitors) have found your belongings inconvenient or distressing at times
  • You’ve never accessed treatment services for having lots of belongings
  • You’re 18 or over.

If so, and you’d like to take part, email Robyn at

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