As regular readers and mailing list subscribers will know, I declutter every area of my home on a rotating schedule.

Which means that I don’t build up a clutter backlog.

I know what I’ve got and where it is. And there’s never a lot to move on from any space (though there is always something, often to my surprise).

I do love doing it. I always have a sense of satisfaction afterwards. And it feels good to Freecycle/Freegle stuff to people who will use it.

It doesn’t compare to the satisfaction of clearing a heavily cluttered area though.

When I work with clients, we transform an area that’s heaped with stuff, and thick with dust, into a neat, clear space.

We take an area that is causing them misery and distress, and turn it into a space they love to be in.

They shift from feeling hopeless, overwhelmed and exhausted, to being inspired, energised and excited.

As they begin setting their home up in a way that works for them, they develop the strength and confidence to take on other areas of their lives.

For example, Rose is now working with a personal stylist to revamp her wardrobe. Something she wouldn’t have contemplated before I helped her declutter.

It almost makes me wish I had a clutter mountain to tackle. So I could experience that massive upsurge in my confidence, energy and happiness.

Almost. 🙂

What would be possible for you if you decluttered? Please comment below.

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