I hope you know me well enough by now to know that I’m not one for laying down the law.

Not that I can’t see a case for a benign dicatorship with me at the helm. We all feel like that sometimes, right? Or is it just me?!

The thing is, one person’s rules, approaches, ways of doing things simply won’t work for everyone.



…the more I help people declutter, the more I notice that there are some fundamental truths of decluttering.

So I thought I’d make a list (you know how much I love those!)

What do you think of the “truths” below. Do you recognise them? Any you disagree with? Any you’d add?

The fundamental truths of decluttering

1. In an affluent society, everyone’s got clutter.

2. Storage isn’t the solution

3. It’s easier to acquire stuff than to let it go

4. If you declutter storage areas first, you’ll have somewhere to put the stuff that’s lying around

5. External clutter is a symptom of internal clutter

6. Little and often is more effective than an occasional blitz

7. It doesn’t take long to forget what’s in a cupboard

8. If it took time to accumulate your clutter, it’ll take time to clear it

9. You’re not the only one struggling with this

10. It’s OK to ask for help

11. It’s easier to clear someone else’s clutter than your own

12. One person’s “clutter” is another person’s treasure: and vice versa

13. If you’re just moving stuff around, you’re not decluttering

14. If you don’t do what needs doing with the stuff, you’re not decluttering

15. If you get rid of the stuff you’re sure you don’t want/need, it’s OK to keep the stuff you’re not sure about

16. It’s easier to get rid of something when you know it’s going to a good home

17. You’ve got to make a mess to clear a mess

18. The best time to clean an area is when it’s empty

19. Clutter is attracted to an empty space

20. A diary note is a more effective reminder than stuff left lying around

21. You’ve got more stuff than you think

22. Most stuff decreases in value over time

23. Your friends and family want you to be happy more than they want you to keep their gifts and legacies

24. The more you declutter, the easier it gets

25. People are more important than things

26. If you can’t access your stuff, you may as well not have it

Which of these are true for you? Which aren’t? What have I missed? Hit reply and let me know.

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