I always say that decluttering is an essential element of living a low impact lifestyle. In a decluttered and organised home, you can find anything you want quickly and easily so you don’t end up buying duplicates to replace lost or damaged items, or because you’ve forgotten you’ve got something.

Plus, crucially, your unwanted stuff gets used by others, so they don’t have to buy new.

Even better, rehoming it creates a fantastic, virtuous circle because it turns out that, when we can find a new home for our stuff, it’s easier to let it go.

That’s why I love helping people find a way to get their stuff reused and it’s no surprise that I’m frequently asked for ideas to rehome everything from batteries to vinyl records.

That’s why I was delighted when MusicMagpie invited me to share my decluttering tips in this blog post MusicMagpie buys unwanted CDs, DVDs, games and electronics. So, not only does your stuff get reused, you make some money in the process.

Check them out if you’ve got music, films and games to declutter. And check out an earlier one of my blog posts for eco-friendly ways to dispose of a wide range of other things.

Have you recently decluttered entertainment? Share your experience below.

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