Want to simplify your life?

You need systems.

This is tip number three in my series of Seven Organising Tips You NEED To Know.

Ooh, I love a system!

As I go about my house, doing my thing…

…I’m always looking for ways to make things WORK better.

Why am I always reaching to the back of that cupboard for that bowl?

Can I rearrange it so that the bowls I use most often are at the front?

How come I can never find that piece of paperwork?

I need to rethink how that bit of my filing system works.


…there’s got to be a point!

I can’t be doing with systems for the sake of systems.

Systems are about making life EASIER, not more complicated.

If you struggle to create systems that WORK!

If you’ve got a filing system…

…but you never use it.

If you’ve tried to create systems but given up because it takes soooooo long!…

…this video is for you!

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