You probably already know my mantra.

It’s the second Fundamental Truth of Decluttering.

Storage is NEVER the solution.

If you’re looking at a massive clutter backlog, thinking…

“I need more storage”…

…think again.

Declutter first!

You might not NEED any more storage.

And, if you do, you’ll have a better idea of what storage will make your home work.

Having said that…:-)

…we all need SOME storage.

And the right storage can transform a room…

…making it easy to find a tidy home for your stuff…

…and access it whenever you want it.

Watch the video below to learn about five storage solutions you simply CAN’T live without.

Have you got any of these? Are you going to invest in them now? Comment below or on YouTube (you’ll need to be logged in to Google or YouTube). Share your nifty storage solutions too.

You can see all the excerpts from our session here.

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