One of the – MANY – brilliant things about decluttering…

…is how it helps you live a low impact life.

When you regularly declutter and organise…

…you know everything you’ve got…

…and exactly where it is.

So you don’t end up buying duplicates, wasting money as well as stuff.

You store stuff properly…

…so it doesn’t get damaged and have to be replaced.

And you get the stuff you no longer want, back out there…

…for someone else to use.

That’s why I called my business Green and Tidy.

But caring about waste can also lead to clutter.

When you can’t bear to send anything to landfill/incineration…

…you can end up holding onto stuff forever.

I tell you what though, it’s amazing how much stuff CAN be recycled these days.

Not just through your local authority…

…but through all sorts of organisations that are committed to reducing waste.

Watch the video below for five things you might not have known you could recycle.

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You can see all the excerpts from our session here.

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