Christmas seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

Probably because it was!

But has it left a legacy around your home?

Have you still got that Christmas Round Robin newsletter from Uncle David?

You know? The one about the skiing trip they took last year…

…how well Daisy did in her GCSEs…

…and how proud they are of Maya getting into Oxford.

Maybe you read it (maybe you didn’t)…

…and put it on the side (f’now)…

…and it’s still there.

You don’t really need it.

You’ve got the family’s contact details in your phone…

…and there’s nothing in it of great family significance…

…but you feel guilty chucking it in the recycling.

During a recent Facebook Live declutter with the lovely Clare Davey, from UK Declutter Buster Facebok Group, we came across one of these.

Watch the video below to see my advice to Clare.

Did you receive any Christmas Round Robins at the end of last year? Have you kept them? If so, why? Comment below or on YouTube (you’ll need to be logged in to Google or YouTube).

You can see all the excerpts from our chat here.

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