Is there cash in your attic?

One way to make sure your unwanted stuff goes to a good new home…

…and make money at the same time…

…is to sell your unwanted stuff.

EBay. A yard/car boot/garage sale. Gumtree. Facebook.

There are loads of ways to convert your junk into cash.

And making money can be a great way to motivate yourself to declutter.

So why don’t I always recommend it?

My friend, Clare Davey (from the UK Declutter Buster Facebook Group), and I talked about this during a recent Facebook Live.

Are you hanging onto stuff until you get round to selling it? Watch the video below and then comment below or on YouTube (you’ll need to be logged in to Google or YouTube) to tell me what you plan to do.

You can see all the excerpts from our chat here.

Watch. Click Thumbs Up. Share the video to your social networks.
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Thank you!


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