What’s the hardest type of clutter to part with?

Sentimental clutter, by far.

Millions of photos.

Brochures, ticket stubs and programmes from every show and gig you’ve ever been to.

Gig T-shirts.

Boarding passes from flights to fabulous holidays.

Old love letters – yours or your parents.


Stuff you’ve inherited.

School books.

University notes. (They were useful once but…)


Grandma’s dinner service.

As we go through life, we naturally develop sentimental attachments to all sorts of stuff.

In fact, it’s a recognised psychological phenomenon.

It’s called The Endowment Effect.

It’s the reason I’m attached to an old bowl that I eat out of a lot. It’s nothing special really but I’ve had it a long time and…

The trouble is that we haven’t got ROOM to store all this stuff.

So how do you decide what to keep and what to let go?

The lovely Clare Davey (from the UK Declutter Buster Facebook Group) and I discussed this issue recently during a Facebook Live.

Here’s my advice to the Group.

You can see all the excerpts from our chat here.

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