“What do I do about unwanted gifts?”

That’s another question I get asked a LOT!

For most people, the answer is either…

…”Stick it at the back of a cupboard and feel bad every time I see it“…


…”Get rid of it and feel bad every time I see the person who gave it to me“…


…”Keep it about and resent it all the time!

None of which are great solutions, I think you’ll agree.

So what SHOULD you do with unwanted gifts?

You know what?

I LOVE that question!

Because I’ve solved it for myself.

It came up during my Facebook Live chat with the fantastic Clare Davey, from the UK Declutter Buster Facebook Group.

Here’s what I said. By the way, I promise I don’t just say this. This is how I deal with it myself.

You can see all the excerpts from our chat here.

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