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Step-by-step guide to washing and storing your delicate garments

Have you got clothes in need of some TLC – from missing buttons, through dropped hems to “I’d-wear-this-if-I-got-it-altered”? Do you know how to look after those delicate fabrics, like cashmere, silk and vintage items? Have you got moths? These are all issues I come across a lot so I’m excited to welcome Lulu, from Clothes Doctor. Clothes Doctor’s collect and drop service can help with all the above and more. Here, Lulu talks us through the best way to take care of your beautiful cashmere.

Clothes Doctor definitely won’t pull the wool over your eyes when it comes to cashmere. Ever wondered how to correctly wash and store your favourite cashmere pieces, but find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of contradictory advice online? Fear not, Clothes Doctor is here to debunk the common misconceptions about caring for cashmere.

Contrary to popular belief, pilling on cashmere is not a sign of poor quality or design. In fact, pilling is rather a natural characteristic of long fibre materials. These can be removed at home if done carefully, but it is important to be gentle when doing so because de-piling can cause holes. (If you’re unsure, Clothes Doctor offer de-pilling as part of our clean & refresh range of services). This can really transform your tired cashmere and give it a new lease of life.

Cashmere falls into the ominous handwash category so we recommend you hand wash or dry clean your garments, and then store them in reusable bags specifically designed to deter moths.

So how can we wash cashmere?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1) Clean wash basin

For best results firstly ensure you have a clean wash basin to eliminate any residual chemicals that might come into contact with your cashmere. Once clean fill with cool water.

2) The right detergent

Add the recommended amount of fine garment detergent and briskly run your hands through the water to distribute the product and generate suds. Investing in a specialised fine garment detergent will maintain the quality and softness of your cashmere garments, but baby shampoo also works as a cheaper alternative.

3) Get washing

Turn your cashmere garment inside out and submerge it fully, before gently squeezing the suds through. Spot treat any problem areas with a little neat detergent. Massage gently with your fingertips and then rinse and allow your garments to soak for up to 10 minutes.

4) Time to dry

Drain the sink and rinse with cool water until it runs clear. Gently press out and place your garment lengthwise on a clean and dry bath towel. Roll up your garments in the towel and press with your palms to squeeze out any excess water, although it is important not to wring or twist. Remove your garment from the towel and smooth it out into its original shape. Then lay your clean garment flat on a dry towel and allow it to air dry.

5) Post-wash care

Once your cashmere garment is dry, fold in tissue paper to absorb any excess moisture, and to ensure it remains clean from food, skin, or dust particles which can attract moths. We recommend that you do not hang cashmere as it can alter the shape of your garments.

Follow these 5 handy tips to wear your cashmere garments with confidence, with the knowledge that they have received the love and care they deserve. If this all sounds too much like hard work, let Clothes Doctor take away the hassle with our delicate cleaning service – it’s eco-friendly too!

Thanks Lulu!

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