Let’s go round again

Have you got a clutter mountain to clear?

A backlog that’s built up, perhaps over years…

…which you’re determined to clear this time?

How great will that be?!

Simplicity. Clarity. Space. FREEDOM!

And then what…?

You could answer that question in one of (at least) two ways.

You could speculate on what exciting new possibilities might become reality once you make room for them.

And you could think about what you’re going to do to stop the clutter creeping back.

I’m going to leave the first way of answering up to you.

Only you know what inspires you…

…what calls you..

…what’s trying to find it’s way to you through your clutter.

The second way of answering though…

…that’s MY department.

Last week, I wrote about one of the benefits to creating (and sticking to!) an ongoing decluttering schedule…

…being able to keep stuff you’re not sure about – WITHOUT anxiety…

…because you know you’ll review the decision in the future.

You even know WHEN.

And that’s not the only benefit.

Here’s five reasons why you MUST create an ongoing schedule for decluttering and organising your home.

1. An ongoing schedule makes it OK to be unsure

See last week.

2. It gets easier

Practice makes perfect.

Decluttering and organising regularly builds neural pathways in your brain.

So the more you do it, the easier you’ll find it.

And that’s not the only reason it gets easier.

When you continuously work round your home…

…you don’t leave it so long between declutters.

When you get to that drawer, cupboard, surface…

…it wasn’t so long since the last time you did it. (About three years in my case).

So you’re less likely to find stuff you’d forgotten you’ve got…

…and you don’t have to allow so much time for refamiliarising yourself.

AND, there’ll probably be less in that drawer or cupboard, or on that surface, than there was last time you went through it.

3. With an ongoing schedule, you know what you’ve got and where it is

Losing stuff is one of the biggest impacts of clutter.

How much time and money do you waste looking for and/or replacing stuff you’ve lost, damaged (because it wasn’t properly stored) or forgotten you had?

Actually, probably best not to try to work that out.

When you declutter and organise according to an ongoing schedule…

…there’s nothing in your home that you haven’t touched for years.

(In my case, there’s nothing I haven’t seen in the last three years).

So you remember what you’ve got and where it is.

4. You have space for everything

No more cramming things into overstuffed drawers and cupboards.

No more being unable to shut said drawers and cupboards.

No more stuff spilling out everywhere because there’s no drawer or cupboard space for it.

No more rummaging down under layers and layers of stuff, making a mess and struggling to find what you’re looking for.

Instead…freedom and ease.

5. You get more and more organised

Each time you go through a space, you spot further things you could do to get it organised…

…and make your life easier.

Maybe, last time, you went through those old letters so now you’ve only got the ones you want to keep…

…and maybe, this time, you put them in chronological order.

Maybe, last time, you decluttered your sock drawer so you could actually shut it…

…and this time you corral all the black socks, white socks, patterned socks together.

So, how fabulous is that?

Each time you go round again, it takes less time and you achieve more.


What do you do when you finish decluttering?

Keep going!

Are there areas of your home that you NEVER get to? What might be possible if you decluttered EVERYWHERE on a regular basis? Comment below!





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