I can’t believe how many I’ve chucked!


Have you got gazillions of photo prints from the pre-digital era?

I have!

And the cupboard that contained (most!) of them came up on my decluttering schedule this month.

So, after I’d pushed through my initial reluctance to get started…

(Yes, I do have to do that!

What is that ABOUT?!

I love decluttering and yet…

…it still takes an internal shove to get me started on my own!)

…I started working my way through the envelopes…

…and flicking through the prints.

Now this isn’t the first time in recent years I’ve weeded out my photo prints.

I did it three years ago

…the last time that cupboard came round for a regular declutter.

So I could not BELIEVE how many I chucked this time!

Why, three years ago, did I decide I still needed a DUPLICATE set of mediocre photos of the 1991 wedding of friends I lost touch with ages ago?!

Why did I keep that photo of the back of my friends’ heads at a drunken party in the mid-80s?

Why did I keep so many out of focus shots of birds visiting my back garden?

Just LOOK at that binful in the picture!

I chucked about 10 per cent of my prints. Wow!

And I was even able to get rid of one of the boxes I’d been keeping them in!

Yet believe me, there’s not one in that bin that I’m unsure about chucking.

Reader, it’s the joy of the second pass.

It’s one of the MANY benefits of continually decluttering.

Just like how the “not sure” category lets your mind work in the background during a single decluttering session…

…reviewing the same stuff every few years gives you time for the emotional bonds to loosen.

Next time around, stuff you weren’t sure about last time…

…even stuff you WERE sure about – and decided to keep…

…is obviously junk!

Don’t worry. No treasures went in that bin.

More about that next week! Stay tuned!

Are you inspired to weed through your photo prints? Or (even better) create a regular decluttering schedule? Comment below!




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