Must get round to that!

Right now, there’s a coat lying over the arm of my sofa.

A coat that tends to come out about this time of year.

A perfect between-seasons coat.

And one of my favourite coats at that.

It’s been lying over the arm of the sofa for a week…

…actually maybe longer.

I’m not sure.

Because, the last time I went to wear it…

…one of the buttons came off in my hand.

Job to do. Bleuch!

Not a massive job.

Probably a ten minute job.

And I’m not going to tell you I couldn’t have found 10 minutes to sew that button back on before now…

…because that would be a fib.

Nah. The reason that coat’s still there…

…is because…

…like everyone else on the planet…

…I procrastinate.

I tell myself there’ll be a moment when I just happen to FEEL LIKE sewing on that button…

…and I’ll do it then.

Yeah, right!

(I hate sewing, by the way!)

So, you know what I’m going to do?

Go down there right now and sew it on?


I’m going to schedule it.

I’m going to write “sew button on coat” in my diary…

…for tomorrow night.

There’s no reason why I couldn’t do it now…

…I’m just not going to.

And here’s the funny thing.

Having decided when I AM going to do it…

…I immediately feel better.

And when I get to that task tomorrow…

…I won’t even mind doing it.

It won’t feel like an irritating extra job.

It’ll just be “what I’m doing now”.

This is one of the many, many things I love about scheduling…

…it makes procrastinating OK.

Don’t just procrastinate!

Procrastinate WELL!

What have you been putting off? And when are you going to do it? Comment below to let me know.

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