I’d forgotten about this photo

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been¬†telling you about decluttering my old photo prints.

How it’s been surprisingly easy.

And how much FUN it’s been!

And it’s got me thinking.

If you’re a Green and Tidy member…

(and if you’re not – click here to join now – it’s free and it’s where the good stuff happens!)…

…you know I’m working on my next Udemy video course

…on DIGITAL decluttering.

Green and Tidy members have been telling me what their biggest digital bugbears are…


…running out of storage…


…and digital photos!

Digital photos on phones, tablets, computers…

…iCloud, Google Photos…

…CDRoms, USB sticks, external hard drives, even floppy disks (aargh!!)

Not being able to find digital photos.

Not knowing what digital photos you’ve even got.

Running out of space to store digital photos.

Worrying that you might lose your precious photos.

Now I’ll tell you something that might surprise you.

While (of course!) I’ll address all the above issues and more in my upcoming course…

…I wasn’t planning on decluttering my digital photos.

They’re well organised (that DIDN’T surprise you, did it?)

I can easily find any photo of any event or person I’m looking for.

And I’ve got plenty of storage.

So I was going to concentrate on physical decluttering…

…and leave my digital photos alone.


last week I shared with you how wonderful it’s been unearthing buried treasures.

And it’s made me realise that my folders of digital photos must be stuffed with gems too.

I want to rediscover those gems!

Maybe I’ll print a few out and stick them on the photo boards in my hallway.

For sure, I’ll post a few to social media!

So should you declutter digital photos?

Hey look, we don’t do “should” at Green and Tidy.

But COULD you?

Hell, yes!

Are photos one of your digital clutter bugbears? What problems do they cause? Tell me about it (and your other digital clutter challenges) in the comments below.


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