Recipes I finally admitted I’ll never make!

This week’s post is about clearing out my recipe cupboard….

…and the benefits of an ongoing decluttering schedule.

One of my favourite themes!

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Flip, it’s busy in Green and Tidy land at the moment!

Lots of new clients (none of them Christmas-related, surprisingly).

Plus I’ve finished scripting my new video course! Woo hoo!!

I’ll start filming Declutter Your Digital Life in the New Year.

AND my new website is going live any day now. (It’s in the hands of my technician).

I’m writing this on Wednesday (19th December) so hopefully, by the time you’re reading it, it’s in the new format!

What do you think? Comment below to let me know.

And please share my blog posts so I can liberate more overwhelmed people from their chaos.

But I’ve not been about to let all the new work get in the way of my personal ongoing decluttering.

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much I advocate the benefits of an ongoing decluttering schedule.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here!

This month, it was the turn of the kitchen cupboards where I keep my recipe books and folders.

Now, I knew I needed to achieve something here.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve collected recipes.

Books of course…

…but also clippings…

…and since we went digital, recipes I’ve copied and pasted into a Word document…

…and printed and kept in folders.

Which is all well and good except that a collection like that keeps growing…

…and growing…

…and growing.

And, for longer than I care to admit, I’ve been out of space in those cupboards.

I’ve been jamming too many recipes into overstuffed folders…

…and wondering how I was going to solve the problem.

I knew there were a few recipes I could chuck which would make room for a few but…

…what about the rest?

I confess, if I’d had room to put it, I’d have simply bought a new folder.

Yep, trying to solve my clutter problem with storage.

Ignoring the second Fundamental Truth of Decluttering!

Physician, heal thyself!

Oh well“, I thought, “I might as well clear out the ones I CAN get rid of and then I’ll see where I am“.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

TONS of them into the recycling bin.

Recipes that weren’t that great.

Recipes I used to make but won’t make again.

Recipes that I would look up on the internet rather than in my folders (a dozen different recipes for mulled drinks, anyone?)

A big bag of paper for recycling…

…and PLENTY of room in my recipe cupboards.

Wow! That feels good.

And doing it made an effective break from scripting Declutter Your Digital Life.

When I needed to think through how best to say something…

…or when I just needed to do something physical to get my creative juices flowing again…

…climbing up steps in my kitchen and emptying out cupboards was just the ticket.

Do you have a massive recipe collection or do you look up anything you want to make on t’internet? Comment below.

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