organised bathroom cabinet video

How’s your bathroom cabinet?

Organised bliss with everything you need readily to hand?

Or a chaotic jumble of leaking bottles with everything you DON’T need tumbling out when you open the door?

Do you know what’s in there?

Is it full of gazillions of bottles of bubble bath, old tubes of toothpaste, out of date medicine and a whole load of dust?

Organising your bathroom cabinet is one of those jobs that you never get round to…

…but which pays dividends every day.

The half hour it’ll take to declutter and organise it will make getting ready in the mornings soooo much easier.

When you finish a bottle of shampoo, you can grab the spare right away…

because you know what’s in that cabinet and where it all is.

If that’s where you keep your medicines (someone’s already commented on the video to tell me I shouldn’t do that but…)

…next time you’re poorly, you’ll know exactly where to find what you need so you can grab it and crawl straight back into bed.

And you can open the door with confidence.

If your bathroom cabinet is more chaos than convenience…

…then watch this video

…to find out how to organise it in four easy steps.

What tips can you share for organising a bathroom cabinet? Do you keep your medicines in yours? Comment below.





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