Two children climbing steps. The boy is behind struggling to keep up with the girl in front. This picture is illustrating a post about how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you can't keep up with the stuff you need to do.

Wait for me!


I’ve been writing recently about the broken window theory

…and how we can use it to overcome the way we feel overwhelmed when we can’t keep on top of everything.

Last week, I wrote about creating systems for the things that we most need under control for us to feel sane rather than overwhelmed.

But what about when even those systems aren’t enough?

What about when a “window” gets “broken” anyway.

Like with me, right now.

Months ago, I told you I was starting work on my new video course.

Consulting you and my followers on Twitter and Facebook revealed that the subject you most wanted me to cover was digital decluttering.

How to overcome digital overwhelm.

So I announced that I’d make a course addressing just that (inbox zero, organising your data, sorting out your photos, managing notifications, notes and bookmarks – and loads more)…

…and set to work.

And then everything went bonkers!

I suddenly got a whole load of new face-to-face clients.

…and working on the course took a backseat while I waited for the rush to subside.

Too much work is, of course, a nice problem to have.

And I always take clients on if I can because I hate to say “no” to someone who’s overwhelmed and struggling with day-to-day life.

But in the background, has been a niggle of stress about not making my Digital Decluttering video course as fast as I’d planned.

Over the last couple of weeks, as I’ve written about the Broken Window Theory, a voice in the back of my mind has been saying,

Who do you think you are, pontificating on how to stay on top of things when you’re so behind on that course?!

(That disempowering little voice in our heads is annoying, isn’t it?)

And then, as I mused on what to write to you about this week…

…I suddenly realised what there was to do.

Tell you what’s going on!

Sometimes overcoming overwhelm is as simple as telling someone something will be late…

…or asking for help

…or even letting someone know that you’re not going to do something after all.

Don’t worry – I’m still going to make that course.

I just want you to know that it’ll be a few months yet.

I’ve finished scripting it (woo hoo!) and even started filming it (whoop whoop!) so it IS on its way.

I plan to launch it by the end of March.

And, if it gets delayed again, I’ll let you know!

Other than actually getting stuff done, what strategies do you have for managing stress and overwhelm? Comment below.





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