Two rolled pancakes on a plate, dusted with icing sugar and garnished with orange segments. Lent. Easter. Declutter. Decluttering. Get organised. Get organized.
Do you observe Lent?
And did you eat pancakes on Tuesday?
Whether you did or not, you probably knew it was Pancake Day…
…more properly known as Shrove Tuesday.
In many Christian traditions, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras) is the last blow-out before the privations of Lent…
…40 days of fasting in the lead up to Easter.
When I was a child, I would give up chocolate for Lent…
…or sugar on my cornflakes
(yes, a bowl of cornflakes with a sprinkling of sugar was considered a healthy breakfast!)
And sometimes those changes became a permanent way of living.
I never went back to sugar on my cereal…
…though my chocolate habit’s not going anywhere soon!
Whether or not you’re Christian…
…like Dry January and Stoptober…
…Lent can be the impetus to change our habits…
…trying small changes to our lifestyles…
…that might become permanent.
Here are a few suggestions for things to give up for Lent that might help you on your decluttering journey.
1. Buying clothes
“Shop your wardrobe” instead?
Go through your clothes and fall back in love with stuff you haven’t worn in years (if ever!)
2. Buying make-up
Same approach!
3. Buying toiletries (before you’re running out)
How about, until Easter, using up all those sample sachets, hotel takeaways, gifts etc of body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, face cream, hand cream etc…
…that you don’t use because you simply reach for your usual bottle/tub/tube each time…
…and only buying a replacement when you’re on your last one?
4. Newspapers and magazines (that you never read)
Can you keep up with the influx of reading material?
…could you cut one of them out?
Cancel a subscription or stop buying one of them.
How about, until Easter, only food shopping with a list?
I’m not suggesting you can’t buy something when seeing it in the shop reminds you you need it…
…but plan your food shopping in advance, based on the meals you’re going to eat…
…and cut out those impulse purchases that end up going past their best before date uneaten.
If none of these appeals, how about getting stuff OUT for Lent?
Get rid of a piece of clutter – or even a BAG of clutter – every day between now and Easter.
You might even find the change you make lasts forever.
Have you give up something for Lent? What is it? What are your ideas for things to give up for Lent that help to reduce clutter? Comment below to share your ideas.

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