Sheep: what if the Organizing Fairy paid a visit?
Overcrowded much?!
If you woke up tomorrow to find that the Organising Fairy had paid a visit…
…your home was magically organised and clutter-free…
…what next?
What do you wish you had room for?
If you had space…
…what would you do?
Organising all the old family photos?
Maybe there’s some thing you’d like to have…
…but there’s nowhere to put it right now.
Maybe it’s not so much about what you’d do or what you’d have…
…but more about how you’d BE.
Or maybe it’s not so much about what you’d do in the actual space…
…as what having that space would ENABLE you to do out in the world.
Move home?
Get a new job?
Get into a new relationship?
Make new friends?
Get healthy?
I can’t promise to send the Organising Fairy round…
…but I’m curious.
What would happen if s/he paid a visit?
Comment below to let me know.


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