Are you looking for a way to get started? A motivational boost to kick start your decluttering?

Want something that will help you create the decluttering habit?

Your 21 Day program has given me a new lease on life…The payoff is unquestionably worthwhile. Your program is a gift…Money and time were both definitely well spent“.

The 21 Day Declutter has really got me going! Daily doses of decluttering tasks have had a fantastic effect on my home and my self motivation. It’s great to get a different task a day. Not too daunting either – it’s manageable in my busy life“.

I love it!

My car looks FAB, I found some clothes I’d been meaning to give to a friend’s son, and I found some money!

One of the daily tasks helped me save myself £115 a year!

If you’re overwhelmed by clutter and you want to see a difference in your home – FAST – this one’s for you.

It’s my most straightforward programme.

No messing about.

You sign up for 21 days.

Every day, for three weeks, I give you a decluttering task.

You do it.

You can’t believe the difference.


Honestly. It’s as simple as that*.

Got more questions? Let’s see if I can answer them.

What do I get?

A motivational email every day for 21 days, setting you a daily task.

What do I have to do?

One task every day, spending at least half an hour on it.

Is it for me?

The 21 Day Declutter is for you if:

  • You want a home that works for you, that supports you to live the life you want to live.
  • You’re facing an overwhelming clutter-mountain.
  • You’re sick and tired of your clutter, and the way it saps your energy, stops you inviting people over, and prevents you from moving forward with your life.
  • You want to get going now, TODAY.
  • You want a quick, simple boost that’ll kick start your decluttering habit.

It’s not for you if:

  • You’re not prepared to declutter for half an hour a day for three weeks.
  • You’d rather have more in-depth support (in which case, check this out).

It’s perfect for you if you know you really want to declutter but you’re not sure you’re ready for the in-depth nature of my 10-week programme.

It’s a good value, fun way to dip your toe in the water and get results quickly.

I enjoyed the 21 Day Declutter! I like having a new task be delivered to my inbox each day, something about it made me stick with it all the way through. I was able to clear enough space in the kitchen cabinets that I was finally able to move my cookbooks from the living room shelf to the kitchen cabinets. I have been wanting that for quite a while. I also got rid of so many bathroom things that I removed an entire bookcase from my bathroom and it is much more open now and feels great in there! – (KR)

Is it tough?

Depends what you call tough.

If half an hour a day is tough, then yeah, it’s tough.

But it’s fun too. I’ve even built in treats.

Come on, give it a go. I reckon you’ll enjoy it.

What results can I expect?

Worse case scenario? A noticeable improvement in your home. A reduction in your clutter mountain and a home that works for you better than it did before.

More likely, by the end of the 21 days, you will:

  • Have made a significant difference to the amount of clutter in your home.
  • Have saved money/made money (possibly more than enough to cover the cost of the programme).
  • Have reduced your environmental impact.
  • Have saved time.
  • Have simplified your life.
  • Have achieved peace of mind.

What does it cost?

The 21 Day Declutter is all about simplicity.

So…21 Days…for £21.

That’s less than $35.

What are the dates?

The programme starts the moment you sign up.

The first email will land in your inbox within minutes.

How do I get on the programme?

Just click the button below. When you’ve made your payment, you’ll be taken to a web form. Put your name and email address in there (if it’s prefilled from your Facebook profile and you don’t like that, just click the little cross to get rid of that box, and enter the information manually), click the link in the confirmation email* and you’re in!

PS If you’re inspired to do it, I encourage you to do it. If you see that this programme could help you, and you let something stop you from taking the opportunity, I’m willing to bet that same thing stops you everywhere. And it’s been stopping you for your whole life. This is your chance to break through that barrier. Don’t miss it.

*Legal bit: You have a legal right to cancel purchases made over the internet within seven working days, or until you confirm you wish to go ahead with the purchase, whichever is the sooner. Clicking the confirmation link in the email I’ll send you confirms you wish to go ahead with the purchase.

The 21 Day Declutter

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