Clutter-Busting Jump Start

Overwhelmed by clutter?

Does walking through your own front door sap your energy?

Are you facing a mountain of stuff that stops you living the life you love?

Are you suffering from Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome?

Have you reached the point where you just can’t stand it anymore?

Do you have a packed social life and loads of friends yet you’re embarrassed to invite anyone into your home?

Are you a creative, artistic person whose creativity is blocked by piles of stuff on every surface?

Are you a successful professional whose colleagues and clients would be shocked if they saw the state of your home?

Are you ready to solve the problem, and have your home support you to live the life you love?

Tackling a clutter-mountain can be overwhelming. You want to clear the backlog but where do you start? What if you make decisions you later regret? How do you avoid wasting stuff? And how do you stop the clutter creeping back? That’s why I created…

The Clutter-Busting Jump Start

Imagine having someone in your home, helping you get clear what you want to achieve and where to start, keeping you on track when you feel like giving up and focused when you get distracted, providing useful tips and hints, and advising you how to dispose of things in an eco-friendly way.

I’ve applied a Psychology degree from the University of Sussex, and four years of training and coaching experience with Landmark Education, to the area of decluttering, to create a process that is manageable, easy to adopt, and WORKS! It gives you the confidence you need to create a home you love, a home that supports you to do the things you want to spend your life doing.

In just one day, you’ll completely declutter an area AND learn how to apply the process to the rest of your home.

Plus we’ll discuss how to stop clutter creeping back.

Whatever your thing is (Being creative? Hosting get togethers? Living a low impact life?) a clear clutter-free home will support you to achieve it.

“Before my Clutter-Busting Jump Start, I felt really despondent and low. I felt overwhelmed and bogged down. Now I get a feeling of happiness, relief and freedom. More than that, it’s like there’s now actually the possibility, in a real and grounded way, of having the flat I’ve always wanted“. (Rose)

Costing just £222 (or the equivalent of 3 months for a small off-site storage unit!), the Clutter-Busting Jump Start includes:

  • An initial half-hour telephone (or Skype) consultation in which we:
  • Get clear about your current situation;
  • Create a vision for your future home;
  • Choose the area we will declutter together.
  • A full day (6 hours) of friendly, non-judgmental support in your home (or by telephone/Skype if you prefer).

By the end of the day of decluttering:

  • Your chosen area will be clean, tidy and beautiful.
  • You will have a vision for your future life and how your home is going to support you to live it.
  • You will know how to apply the process to the rest of your home.

We don’t send stuff to landfill unless there’s no other option, so you can be confident that, by decluttering, you won’t be wasting stuff. In fact, you’ll be returning stuff to circulation, reducing other people’s consumption as well as your own.

I will never push you to get rid of something. And my process gives you space to be unsure so that you only decide to let something go with complete confidence.

Don’t live with it one second longer.

Click below to book your Clutter-Busting Jump Start.

I’ll mail you within 24 hours of receiving your payment, to arrange your visit.

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