Are you ready to get organized – in 30 days?!

What if there was an affordable, flexible way to declutter and organize that changed your habits forever?

Messy chaos everywhere you look?

Are you so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start?

Are you fed up with losing stuff, tripping over stuff, breaking stuff?

Are you sick of buying stuff to replace the things you can’t find (thereby adding to the clutter even more!)

Are you tired of living in dusty, messy chaos? You want to clean but there’s so much clutter it’s impossible.

Are you unable to think straight because of your cluttered environment?

Do you see wasted money, time and energy – and incomplete jobs – everywhere you look?

Are you worried about dust, mould, allergies, maybe even pests?

Do you long to entertain in your home…but you’d be too ashamed to invite anyone in?

Have you tried to declutter and get organised only to run out of steam?

Perhaps you ended up in more of a mess than you started in! Or you wound up exhausted and discouraged without having made a visible difference.

Have you tried various courses – only to find the results don’t last beyond the training itself?

What if you could get support to declutter  – and training to be organised – that makes a permanent difference – at an affordable price, and at times that suit you?

“Very well structured and paced, yet with flexibility to adapt to one’s situation. Having a plan each day helps me with overwhelm because I do not need to decide, just follow. There are lessons each day that delve into the why and how, in a clear concise manner. Finally, probably the most important and helpful, Rachel is there every step of the way, kind and helpful!” B

Clutter and chaos cost you time and money,

and make you and your family ill

Your home should be your haven –

instead it makes you miserable


You KNOW you should get organised…

…but somehow you just can’t.

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start.

Or you get started but you never seem to make progress

Or you make progress but the clutter comes back faster than you can clear it.

You’ve asked friends to help…

…but they put pressure on you to get rid of stuff.

And they make you feel ashamed.

Maybe you even end up going through the “rubbish” and “donate” sacks after they’ve gone – to rescue your treasures.

You’d love a Professional Organiser to hold your hand…

…but you can’t afford it.

And anyway, you haven’t got hours every week to spend doing this. (Plus you’d be exhausted!)

You don’t understand how you got into this mess…

…or why you can’t get out of it.

You’ve tried other decluttering and organizing challenges, books and courses…

…but the results don’t last once you finish them.

It’s exhausting, depressing, stressful, unhealthy and embarrassing! But…


It doesn’t have to be this way!


You can LEARN how to go from clutter to order.

You can even learn to LOVE decluttering and organising…

…even if you’re not a naturally organized person.

My mission in life is to share the joy of a home that WORKS!

I’ve developed practical systems that actually work…

…using my Psychology degree to ground them in the psychology behind clutter…

…to produce a programme to transform not just your home but YOU as well!

Now I want to share these secrets with you!

LOVE decluttering and organizing?!

Are you CRAZY?!


I get it! I thought it was crazy too. Until…


For most of my life, it never occurred to me to share my organizing skills.

Actually, I was EMBARRASSED by them!

You see, I was brought UP organized.

I had a mum who was a) super-organized and b) a teacher.

She brought me up to LOVE decluttering and organizing…

….and taught me the skills.

Few things make me happier than getting rid of clutter, organizing stuff, freeing up space in my home, preventing waste, or creating a clever storage hack.

Show me a cluttered space, and I’m straight in there reorganizing it.

When I’m browsing the library, I spot wrongly shelved books and pop them back where they belong.

I glow with happiness for days after I reorganize a cupboard or drawer.

What can I say? I’m a total organizing geek!

It became so natural to me that I assumed it was the same for everyone.

ut when I was a teenager and young adult I got teased.

Teenagers and young adults often don’t recognise the benefits of being organized.

They’ve got less stuff than adults and they’re not responsible for anyone else, or for the smooth functioning of a whole home.

My college friends would say stuff like:

You’ve indexed your music?! You’ve got too much time on your hands!

Haven’t you got more interesting things to do than put your herbs and spices in alphabetical order?!

I came to see being organised as embarrassing – and start keeping it to myself.

Only boring people love organizing, right?

Who wants to spend time sorting out their home when they could be partying?!

So I gained my Psychology degree, left college and started working, after a few years setting up a business evaluating training and employment support projects…

…and running it successfully for many years.

Boy! Did my organizing skills help me to be self-employed?!

I also trained as a personal development coach, building on my Psychology degree.

But I STILL didn’t see that I could help anyone else get organized…

…until 2008, when the banks collapsed, the economy tanked –

…and my business hit the skids.

I needed to find a new way to make money – and fast!<

And I wanted it to be something I LOVED.

So I hired a business coach to help me find my Thing.

That Thing that is so ME that it’s NATURAL for me to offer it to the world.

And no matter what exercise we did, no matter what question she asked, every single time, the results were the same.

The one that really sticks in my mind? When she asked me:

“Every job you’ve ever done: what’s the thing you end up doing even though you’re being paid to do something else?”

I had to laugh! Everywhere I’ve ever worked, I’m straight in there: organizing the mess of a stationery cupboard; setting up recycling systems; chucking the mouldy food out of the fridge…

   I simply can’t HELP bringing order to chaos.

My path had become crystal clear.

 I HAD to share my secrets to organized living!

Teaching others to be organised in the same way my Mum taught me.

Helping overwhelmed people understand why they have clutter – and how to overcome it.

Sharing the decluttering methods and organising secrets I’ve developed and tested in my own home.


I didn’t WANT decluttering and organizing to be my mission.

Are you kidding?! Share that side of my personality I’ve been keeping SECRET all my adult life?!

But the message couldn’t have been plainer.

So, in 2010, I set up Green and Tidy.

At first, I was hesitant.

I didn’t mind strangers hearing what I was up to but I didn’t want my friends and family to find out!

I felt nervous about sharing my organising skills.

Luckily, those strangers had other ideas! I started getting messages like:

You really understand the problem. You GET ME!!

I’m not stuck and hopeless about clutter anymore!

No one laughed. No one teased me.

When I told people what I did, they either said, “Oh man! Do I need you?!” or, “You have to help my friend/Mum/neighbour/husband/wife!

 Creating Green and Tidy made me love a side of myself I’d been embarrassed about!

It made me see that making your HOME work is EVERYTHING!

Because here’s the thing: when your HOME works, your LIFE works.

You don’t declutter and organize for it’s own sake!

You do it to have a home that enables you to the stuff that matter.

In a decluttered and organized home, you can lay your hand on whatever you want, whenever you want it.

A decluttered and organised home is your springboard.

It’s the solid foundation for everything you do…

…without you even noticing how it’s underpinning you.

But, when your home doesn’t work, you sure notice how it gets in the way, right?

Now my work is a total joy. I feel blessed every day that I get to fulfil on my life’s mission.

Helping you to LOVE decluttering and organizing!

I’ve got tons of simple yet clever strategies to get you organised.

I know the pitfalls that trip you up when you try to get rid of the mess.

I understand the psychology behind those pitfalls – and how to avoid them.

I know how hard it can be to get motivated – and stay motivated.

And how frustrated you feel with your home – and yourself.

I understand that there are treasures in the clutter and only you know which items they are.

And I know how to shift you from “I have to declutter!” to “I LOVE to declutter!“

Are you ready not only to conquer your clutter mountain…

But to create a home that supports you to live life to the full?<

I know the secrets to getting organised and I can’t wait to share them with you!

My 30-day challenge has helped people all over the world to create homes – and lives – they love.

But not only that…

…they experience what I call the “tipping points”.

They stop dreading going through their stuff and start looking forward to it!

They stop needing the thrill of retail therapy and start enjoying saying “no” to more stuff and “yes” to more space.

They suddenly realise they’re finding it EASY to decide what to keep and what to let go. They’re getting quicker at decluttering and organising, and results are showing up faster and faster.

They finally BELIEVE in themselves as a decluttered and organised person!

Imagine life in your decluttered and organized home


Imagine being able to lay your hand on anything the minute you wanted it.

Imagine having space to breathe, think and create.

Picture yourself walking in your front door to find everything neat, tidy and CLEAN.

Imagine how easy it would be to keep your clutter-free home clean.

What would it be like to go from room to room without tripping over stuff, and without seeing jobs to do everywhere?

Never argue about clutter again!

Who would be the first person you invited round to your beautiful home?

Now imagine having the support you need to achieve all this – at an affordable price and at times that suit you!


When are you finally going to start living the life you deserve?

Clutter-Free in 30 Days!!!

Your 30 day decluttering and organizing challenge

Get daily input direct from Rachel
Choice of speeds – take on the daily tasks or set weekly goals
Learn the four-pillar formula that makes controlling your clutter SUPER-SIMPLE
Get psychological insight into why YOU have clutter and how to be organized
Encouragement to KEEP GOING right to the end AT YOUR OWN PACE
Work out the decluttering and organizing approaches that work for YOU
Declutter and organize – AND learn techniques and create habits that last beyond the 30 days!
“It’s like having a helping hand with an overwhelming task – highly recommend!” 
Clare Davey, UK Declutter Buster

Here’s what you get

Clutter-free in 30 Days

A daily task – a specific area to organise or a type of clutter to sort out (or choose a less high pressure approach, and set your own weekly goals)

Psychological insights into why you have clutter and disorganization – so you understand how to prevent it as well as how to fix it

A weekly focus on each of the four pillars of decluttering and organizing – so they end up coming naturally to you!

The perfect mixture of quick wins and longer-term solutions

Clever organizing hacks to maximize storage space

Systems to stop clutter building up

Video demonstrations to show you how to apply what you learn

This 30-day challenge is the perfect time-frame both to transform your home

…and to transform yourself!

Hey, committing to a new way of life is HARD!

     So don’t.

    Just commit for 30 days!

I’ll hold your hand through each task until,

     without you even realising how it happened,

     you’ll find not just that you’ve transformed your home…

   …it’s NORMAL for you to keep it that way!

Printable: 7-Step Decluttering


Print a summary of my foolproof seven-step decluttering process…

     …and pin it up wherever you’re working.

It breaks the process right down so that it’s super-simple to apply…

     …AND it’s designed to short-circuit the major clutter-clearing mistakes.

Follow this process and you won’t fall into pitfalls like churning, getting distracted or cherry-picking.


Printable: Keep or Toss?


How do you know whether something is clutter or might be useful?

How do you decide when it’s safe to let something go – and when you’re going to regret it?

Follow this simple flow-chart and make decisions easily and without anxiety.

Pin it up next to your 7-step decluttering printable and you’ve got everything you need to make decluttering a doddle!


99 Organising Secrets That Will Transform Your Home – And Your Life


99 life-changing ways to get organized!

I’ve been liberating people from clutter since 2011.

I’ve learned so many amazing tips, tricks, hacks and truths that make being organized simple, straightforward and fun.

In this book, I share my secrets for getting motivated, staying motivated, getting organized, creating space, stopping clutter building up

and even dealing with the clutter of people you live with!



Cheat Sheet: Surviving with a Clutterbug

What if it’s your partner that makes the mess?!

What’s the point getting organized yourself if the space you create is immediately cluttered up again by your partner?!

How can you stop them squeezing you out of your own home?

In this cheat sheet, I share my 5-point programme for surviving life with a clutterbug.

10 Foolproof ways to get your family decluttering

Are you constantly picking up after the kids or your flatmates?

Why should you do everything?!

It’s time to get everyone involved.

This cheat sheet presents 10 foolproof strategies for ensuring everyone who lives in your home pulls their weight.

With these strategies, decluttering and organising will become a team activity…

…and arguments will be a thing of the past!

You hate waste – right?

Me too!

It’s easier to let things go if you can find new homes for them.

But it’s not always obvious how to do that!

No Waste Decluttering is PACKED full of ideas for rehoming and recycling those trickier types of clutter.

What if you can’t get it all done?

It’s all very well making a “To Do” list but how do you decide what to do when?

There’s always more to do than there is time so how can you make sure the important stuff doesn’t get missed?

With this ONE sheet, you always know what needs doing now…

…and what can safely wait.

Time to get organised

Would you declutter and organise – if only you had TIME?!

Let me solve that for you!

In this manual, I share the breakthrough that totally TRANSFORMED my time management

– taking me from stress and anxiety to calm and control overnight.

I help you understand what keeps you running around like a headless chicken


With this book, you can be one of those super-organized people who never misses a deadline,

ALWAYS gets it all done

AND remains serene at all times.

Time to get organised

Stop wasting money on stuff you don’t need!

Shops are DESIGNED to get you to buy extra stuff!

Don’t let them win!

ALWAYS shop with a list.

Print this, keep it to hand and add to it as you go about your daily life.

Wow! All that in one affordable package!

The 30-day challenge

PLUS e-books, printable and cheat sheets

to make living a super-organized life simple and straightforward.

Your Money Back Guarantee


If you’re not 100% satisfied, just drop me an email
and I’ll refund your money – no questions asked.

In case you’re one of those people (like me!) who skips to the end

Here’s the deal

When you join Clutter-Free in 30 Days, you get:

– 30 daily tasks

– Psychological insights

– The four pillars of decluttering and organising

– Organising hacks

– Systems to stop clutter building up

– Video demonstrations

AND when you join TODAY, I’m going to throw in:

– 7-Step Decluttering printable

— Keep or Toss: Make Deciding Simple printable

– 99 Organising Secrets that Will Transform Your Home – And Your Life

– Living With A Clutterbug

– 10 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Family Decluttering

– No Waste Decluttering

– Your To Do List – Prioritized

– Time To Get Organized – Simple Time-Management Strategies That Work!

– Shopping List


Remember, when your home works, your life works!


– Rachel Papworth

Here’s a recap of
EVERYTHING you’ll get
When you purchase this AMAZING offer!

  • ​​Clutter-Free in 30 Days: Your 30-day challenge (Worth £47)
  • ​​7-Step Decluttering printable: My simple, foolproof system that ensures you avoid the top decluttering pitfalls (Worth £17)
  • Keep or Toss? printable: makes deciding what to keep and what to let go super-easy (Worth £17)
  • 99 Organising Secrets That Will Transform Your Home – And Your Life! A distillation of the incredible tips, tricks and hacks I’ve learned as a Professional Organizer since 2011 (Worth £79)
  • ​​Surviving With A Clutterbug cheat sheet: learn how to stop your partner taking over (Worth £47)
  • ​​10 Foolproof Ways To Get Your Family Decluttering: stop doing it all yourself and get everyone involved (Worth £47)
  • ​​No Waste Decluttering: make it easier to let go by finding new homes for your trickier unwanted stuff (Worth £79)
  • ​Your To Do List – Prioritised: work out what needs doing and what can wait and regain control (Worth £47)
  • ​Time To Get Organized – Simple Time Management Strategies That Work! Learn the four essential elements of successful time management and create the time you need (Worth £79)
  • ​Shopping List printable: Stop wasting money on stuff you don’t need (Worth £17)

Total value: £508

But today, you’re getting all of this…

For only £47

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