The Declutter Club

Join a supportive community of like-minded people – and get long-term help that motivates you so you keep up the momentum, completely declutter your home, and keep it that way!

Plus FREE courses and more!

“I can’t believe how much I’ve done in a month! I’ve done more than I’ve ever managed before. I feel very supported and confident that I will achieve my goals”. BA

Your invitation to make it happen.

This is where you get support, answers to your ongoing questions and the energy boost that comes from being part of a small group of people all, like you, really taking on living a clutter-free life!


Chances are, if you’re reading this page, that you at least want to clear your clutter backlog.

You might be feeling completely stuck – overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Maybe you’ve made a start but you know you won’t be able to keep up the momentum alone.

Maybe you’ve made a start in the past, but things have slipped back to as bad, or even worse, than they were before.

Or maybe you’re nervous that that’s what’s going to happen this time.

Maybe you’ve just completed, or are about to complete one of my courses. You’ve made a significant inroad to your clutter backlog, but you’re nervous. What if, without ongoing support you don’t continue to make progress? What if the work you’ve done gets undermined by you bringing in new stuff over the next few weeks and months until you’re back where you started?

Whatever space you’re in, chances are you’re asking yourself:

When life gets in the way, when there’s just so many other things I could or should be doing, when I start to feel overwhelmed and hopeless…how am I going to stick with decluttering to create the home I want?

It’s one thing making a commitment to declutter. It’s another thing entirely to do it day after day, week after week, until you’re automatically living a clutter-free life. And you’ve got a home that, without you even noticing it, supports you to live the life you want to live.

That’s what the Declutter Club’s all about.

“What I love about The Declutter Club is it’s a safe place and it gives me the platform to say how I feel with like minded people that understand what I’m going through and don’t judge me. I also love the fact that everyone is so very open and honest about their situation and offer lots of support and solutions. It’s made a big difference to my Declutter experience”. AD

It’s about having people cheering you on, expert input to call on when you’ve got a question, accountability, and all the things you need to kick the butt of overwhelm and create your clutter-free life!

It’s not a ‘course’ or a ‘programme’. If you’re looking for that, I’ve got loads of courses to help you. It’s not a list of how-tos (though you’re always welcome to ask how-to type questions).

This is the space where “I know I should” becomes “I’m doing it!”

What’s included?

Blinkin’ loads! Because I’m committed to ensuring you completely clear your clutter backlog.

Check out what’s included:

1. Free products

You get LIFETIME ACCESS to products – FREE! Each month, you can request one of the following:

Paperwork your nemesis? Declutter Paper and Paperwork video course. Learn the Four-Tray Paper Processing System that makes staying on top of paperwork a DODDLE. Set up a working filing system and be the boss of your papers.

Run out of space? Organise Anything – Storage Solutions you NEED video course is PACKED with a TON of genius organising tips, tricks and hacks.

Got a hellhole of a “spare room”, attic or loft, cellar or basement, garage, shed, outhouse, cupboard under the stairs, storage unit or other Room of Doom? You need Declutter Your Room of Doom, which uses real-life decluttering sessions with clients to hold your hand through the transformation of yiour Room of Doom into an Ace Space.

Struggling to let go of Sentimental Stuff? Get Organised: Sentimental Items video course will help you work out what’s precious, and needs to be honoured, and what you can safely let go, without regrets. Let go of stuck energy and make room for the new.

Emails, photos and digital files in a mess? Organise Your Digital Life video course. Tame the email dragon: reach – and stay at – inbox zero, quickly and easily. Create a digital filing system. Sort out your photos. Find anything easily.

Declutter Your Bedroom video course because everyone deserves a calm, tranquil haven to start and finish every day.

Want to do the 21 Day Declutter? Just drop me an email and you can do it. No extra charge.

Like to have My Personal Finance (a simple spreadsheet to understand how much money comes in and how much goes out each month)? Let me know and it’s yours!

Struggling to create the time to declutter? Email me for a copy of Time to Declutter.

Keen to ensure you never forget to pack something again? Ask for Packing Master List.

Ready for my 10 week programme? I’ll send it to you for free.

That’s £750 (over $900) worth of stuff, right there!

2. Coaching sessions with Rachel

Every month, we have a supportive, uplifting Zoom session led by me personally.

It’s not compulsory. It’s there if you want it. Oh, and you don’t need to turn your video camera on if you’d rather not. Up to you. Just audio is fine if you prefer.

It’s a great way to be gently held to account and to get unstuck if you’re stuck.

3. 24/7 access to help

This is your private community online: a small group of like-minded clutter-clearers for you to connect with. People who’ll listen, virtually hug and really get it!

  • The private group (no one else can get access) means you can chat freely and openly.
  • Post pictures, links, questions…and shout about your successes (yeah!)
  • This is your safe place where you can be completely honest, secure in the knowledge that the only people listening are people like you who understand where you’re coming from.
  • Declutter Club members really GET that they’re not alone – how much other people struggle with this stuff too (even people who look like they’ve got it all together!)
  • See how other people organise their stuff and their time and learn from each other.
  • I reply personally to posts.

4. Fabulous small community

Your fellow clutter-clearers are the sort of people who are supportive, courageous and ready to make things happen!

  • Everyone’s been struggling with clutter for many years.
  • They know what it takes to transform your home and habits you’ve built up over a lifetime.
  • House rules: everyone has to be nice to each other!

5. Emergency questions

Need to know how to recycle paint or pillows or…? Don’t know how to deal with a husband/wife who keeps cluttering up your newly decluttered areas? Ask your questions here:

  • Ask the Community OR email me your ‘Help!’ questions.
  • Get group support on stuck points.

6. Bespoke materials

Want more materials? Ask and I’ll create it if it looks like the group needs it!

Remember in the Declutter Club, you have support.
Right now, you’re doing this alone.

What happens when you get stuck? What happens if you stop making progress?

Sure, you know what you should do in theory but what about in your specific situation?

In the Declutter Club, you’ve always got somewhere to go for support and answers to questions.

How do I get in?

Four months membership of the Declutter Club costs £300 (about $375).

You join for four months at a time to ensure continuity. So that you’re supported by a well-established group whose members don’t chop and change all the time.

Once you’re in this you’re in the inner circle, I’ll take special care of you. Again, you get to request what you want to cover in our coaching sessions, you get to ask questions in the private group, and you get feedback as you go on your progress, next steps and making it all happen!

Plus you get to become part a fabulous tight community of people, all on your side along the way.

I want you to succeed…

…ready to join us?

PS: This is sooo cool! Hit ‘join now’ and become part of a welcoming, supportive, clutter-clearing community.

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