National Declutter Week 2012

7th – 18th March*

What’s it about?
Raising awareness of the benefits of decluttering and encouraging people to declutter.

What are the benefits for me?
A focus for your decluttering to:

– Save time

– Save money

– Achieve peace of mind and protect your mental health

– Protect your physical health

– Reduce your environmental impact

– Simplify your life.

What are the benefits for others?
We’re working in partnership with a number of hospice charity shops and encouraging declutterers to donate to their local hospice charity shop.

We’re also encouraging the storage industry to donate storage space to hospice charity shops.

A quarter of a million patients are cared for by hospices in the UK each year and one in three people in the UK have been touched by hospice care.

In the UK there are:

  • 220 hospice and palliative care inpatient units for adults and 42 for children
  • 3,175 hospice and palliative care beds for adults and 334 for children
  • 288 home care services
  • 127 Hospice at Home services
  • 272 day care centres

In the UK, £1.4 million is spent on hospice care every day.

Hospices for adults in England receive on average 34 per cent of their funding, and children’s hospices receive on average 15 per cent of their running costs, from the government.

(All figures from Help the Hospices).

How can I get involved?

To win a cash prize, click here to complete our survey. One respondent will win £100 and three will win £50.

If you’ve got a backlog of clutter to tackle, National Declutter Week is the perfect time to take it on.

If you want to combine decluttering with socialising, how about planning a swap event or jumble sale? You could ask for a small donation from each participant to raise money for your local hospice.

To raise awareness of National Declutter Week, download, print and display this poster. (NB: Check the box to ‘Shrink oversized pages’ in the print dialogue box to ensure the poster prints to the size of your paper)

If you manage a charity shop, download a poster and display it in your window to encourage people to declutter and donate. (NB: Check the box to ‘Shrink oversized pages’ in the print dialogue box to ensure the poster prints to the size of your paper). And make copies of our questionnaire available in your shop (send completed questionnaires to National Declutter Week Survey, 19 Half Moon Lane, London SE24 9JU.

If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #DecWk.

If you’re on Facebook, Like and

Happy decluttering.
* Yes, the 7th to the 18th March is 12 days! We wanted to give you two full weekends in which to declutter and “National Declutter Week and a Half” isn’t so snappy.

How to declutter spectacles

How to declutter photographs

How to declutter clothes

How to declutter electrical items

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