Organize My Digital Life

Are you overwhelmed with digital clutter?

Do you know where your photos, music and documents are?

Are you running out of storage on your phone…

…and frustrated by how slow your computer runs?

Is your email inbox backed up with thousands of unread emails?

Should you use an automated password manager?

How can you make sure your data is safe

…from theft, fire, flood, corruption, viruses and hackers?

What will happen to your data after you pass away?

How can you get rid of old phones etc safely?

What if they might have photos or contacts on them…

…but you’ve forgotten the password…

…so you can’t get into them?

Are you struggling to keep up?

This course solves all those problems and more.

–    How to get to – and stay at – inbox zero
…quickly, easily and without losing anything
–    How to organise your files and folders
…and find stuff easily
–    How to make the most of your computer desktop
–    How to organise digital photos
–    How to minimise distractions
–    What to do if your device is running slow
…including what to delete
–    How to dispose of old technology
…recover precious data…
…protect your personal information…
    …even if you’ve forgotten the password
–    Make sure your data is always safe
–    …and tons more!
Get peace of mind!
Save time!
Be in control!
Feel secure!
Be productive!

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