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How to get all the juice on this new idea

As you’ve found this webpage, you know that I’ve been cooking up a Shiny New Idea to help you regain your home. A way to help you let go of the stuff you no longer want or need. And a way to keep up the momentum so you finally complete a full declutter of your home – and keep it clutter free for good.

It’s not a course (though you get access to materials from my courses).

It’s not a community alone (though a community is part of it).

It’s not just coaching (though, for sure, you get some of that).

It’s not only expert advice (though you get all you need as part of the package).

It’s not simply a way to be held accountable to your decluttering commitments (though you get that too).

And it’s not a magic wand/potion or a way to spirit me into your home whenever you need me (sorry to all the people who said that’s what they hoped it’d be!)

OK Rachel, that’s what it’s NOT. So, what IS IT?!

Listen to the audio recording below if you like the sound of:

  • ALL MY MATERIALS – FREE! That’s right. Everything I’ve ever produced, worth hundreds of pounds, at your fingertips.
  • DIRECT INPUT FROM ME. AKA ask Rachel anything sessions. Monthly, drop in phone calls (a bit like yesterday’s) where you can get my direct input to unstick you wherever you’re stuck.
  • DIRECT PRIVATE INPUT FROM ME: AKA opportunities to share your darkest secrets! Every two months, we speak one-to-one. A high five for your successes. And no recriminations, no blame, no “Why didn’t you do what you said you’d do?” if you haven’t hit all your targets. We identify what worked and what didn’t and use this learning to plan your next eight weeks.
  • 24/7 ACCESS TO HELP AND SUPPORT: A members-only online space, open 24/7, where you can meet, get support and share breakthroughs and challenges. A safe space where you can be honest, secure in the knowledge that you’re talking to others in similar situations to your own.
  • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Guidance, information and advice. Want a helpsheet on photographs, books, what to do when you think something’s worth something? If the community wants it, the community gets it.
  • MOTIVATION, MOMENTUM AND ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track so you KEEP decluttering and stop that pesky clutter creeping back.
  • OTHER STUFF! I’m going to be personally looking after you. Making sure you’ve got what you need to keep going. Working with you to refine and develop this so it gives you exactly the help you need the way you need it.

Click the link to hear all the details.

Listen to a recording of the call here

(In a hurry? Know you want in and don’t want to listen to me explaining it all before you find out how to join? Listen from 5 minutes 16 seconds in or click here)

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