Want to know how I got here?
This is my story…

Few things make me happier than getting rid of clutter, organizing stuff, freeing up space in my home, or creating a clever storage hack.

I glow with happiness for days after I reorganize a cupboard or drawer.

What can I say? I’m a total organizing geek!

You see, I was born lucky – with a Mum who…

1) is super-organised

2) was a teacher.

She brought me up to LOVE decluttering and organising.

I’m grateful for that every day.

My parents made a wonderful family home for me and my three brothers. And when I grew up, I wanted to create a great home for myself.

My place. Where I’d feel safe and secure. A base to support me to live my best life.

At first, like most young people, I moved around a lot.

I shared houses while studying for my Psychology degree.

I went through a few relationships and a few jobs, lived in a few different towns launched my first business (as a project evaluator)…

…and finally found my dream home.

I had a bright, sunny bedroom, a guest room and, for the first time since I’d started my business, a proper home-office.

Life was good!

But…seven years later…

…the problem was I was running out of space!

I love vintage clothes but…

…whenever I saw another beautiful 1940s dress…

…I was half, “Ooh look at the shiny thing! I must have it!”…

and half “Aargh! Where am I going to put it?!

I already couldn’t see the bedroom mirror because of the dress rail holding the wardrobe overspill.

And it wasn’t just clothes!

All my cupboards and drawers were rammed.

I was tripping over stuff and wasting time looking for stuff.

My house was a mess. My clutter was mounting and my stress was taking over.

How had I let that happen? Especially when I’m such an organizing geek!

The fact is even I hadn’t realised how much stuff builds up if you don’t keep on top of it.

Now I was no longer moving house every year or so…

…I had no reason to go through my stuff…

…and it was growing and growing.

I’d buy something and then I’d feel guilty because I’d wasted money – and the world’s resources.

I HATED the waste!

Finally, it all got too much and I knew I had to tackle my clutter backlog.

I went through my whole house room by room, area by area, item by item…

…sorting through all my stuff…

…getting rid of the clutter…

…rediscovering lost treasures…

…and getting myself organized – so that my home worked!

I learned so much about what it takes to completely declutter and get organized.

The pitfalls to avoid.

Organising ideas that transform a space.

Systems that stop clutter returning.

But here’s the crazy thing

…I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it!

Why not?

Because all my life, I’d been teased about being organised.

You’ve indexed your music?! You’ve got too much time on your hands!

Haven’t you got more interesting things to do than put your herbs and spices in alphabetical order?!

And now I was an organizing geek who’d let her clutter get on top of her!

Well, no more! I got control back. Finally I could find things. I had space.

More than that, I fell in love with my home again.

It felt airy and bright and I could relax in it without seeing mess or jobs to do everywhere I looked.

If friends called round unexpectedly, I could invite them in.

And you know the most amazing thing?

Other areas of my life started working better too.

As I got my home organised, I got my life organised!

I lost weight.

I was more productive in my business.

I stopped wasting stuff.

I had more time.

I was less stressed.

Once again, life was good!

Then the 2008 recession hit…

…and the bottom dropped out of my project evaluation business…

I struggled on for a couple of years but it got to the point where…

…if I didn’t find another way to bring in money…

…I was going to lose my beloved home!

So I hired a business coach to help me find my THING…

That Thing that is so ME that it’s natural for me to offer it to the world.

And no matter what exercise we did…

…no matter what question she asked…

…every single time…

…the results were the same.

The thing I simply can’t HELP doing, is bringing order to chaos.

Show me a cluttered space, and I’m straight in there reorganizing it.

While I’m browsing the library…

…I spot wrongly shelved books…

…and pop them back where they belong.

When my home got out of control…

…I had the skills I needed to declutter and organise it.

Every place I’d ever worked…

…I’d end up tidying the stationery cupboard, setting up recycling systems and sorting out the communal kitchen…

…even though I was being paid to do something else!

My path had become crystal clear.

My life’s mission is to share my secrets to organized living.

Teaching others to be organized in the same way my Mum taught me.

Using my Psychology degree and coaching expertise to help them understand why they have clutter…

…and how to overcome it.

Sharing the decluttering methods and organising secrets I’ve developed and tested in my own home.

So, in 2010, I set up Green and Tidy…

At first, I was hesitant.

I didn’t mind strangers hearing what I was up to…

…but I didn’t want my friends and family to find out!

I still felt nervous about sharing my organising skills. After all I’d spent decades keeping them secret!

(Decades spent gaining a Psychology degree, training as a personal development coaching and learning what it takes to go from clutter to order!)

Luckily, those strangers had other ideas!

I started getting messages like

“You really understand the problem. You GET ME!!”

“I’m not stuck and hopeless about clutter anymore!”

My clients’ enthusiasm pushed me to shout louder

No one laughed. No one teased me.

When I told people what I did…

…they either said, “Oh man! Do I need you?!

…or, “You have to help my friend/Mum/neighbour/husband/wife!

Creating Green and Tidy made me love a side of myself I’d been embarrassed about!

Making people’s homes – and lives – work is a total joy. I feel blessed every day that I get to fulfil on my life’s mission.


I’ve learned so much both from my own organising journey…

..and from liberating thousands of busy, overwhelmed people from the shackles of clutter.

I’ve got tons of simple yet clever strategies to get you organised.

I know the pitfalls that trip you up when you try to get rid of the mess.

I understand the psychology behind those pitfalls…

…and how to avoid them.

I know how hard it can be to get motivated…

…and stay motivated.

And how frustrated you feel with your home…

…and yourself.

I understand that there are treasures in the clutter…

…and only you know which items they are.

I know the secrets to getting organised…

…and I want to share them with you…

…gently and supportively.

When your home works, your life works.

A decluttered and organised home is the solid foundation that enables you to do the stuff that matters…

…without you even noticing how it’s underpinning you.

But, when your home doesn’t work, you sure notice how it gets in the way, right?

If you’re ready to conquer your clutter mountain…

…and create a home that supports you to live your best life,

…it’s time to let me share my secrets with you.

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