Declutter Your Room of Doom

Video course

Clear out your hellhole of a spare room, attic, cellar, basement, shed, garage, outhouse, loft, cellar, under-stairs cupboard…

SHED the clutter. Create an Ace Space. Access everything. Realise your LOFTy ambitions. 😉

Have you got a Room of Doom that you’re scared even to LOOK in?

A hellhole of a cellar or basement, loft or attic, shed, garage or outhouse, a spare room, an understairs cupboard or an offsite storage unit that’s rammed to the gunnels with so much tired, broken or obsolete stuff that you don’t remember what’s in there…

     …you can’t get in there to sort it out…

     …and you wouldn’t know where to start if you did?

With this course, you’ll transform it into an Ace Space.

Maybe you’ll make a home-studio, a gym or a den.

Maybe the grandkids will stay in your spare room.

Or you’ll actually be able to park your car in your garage.

With video of me decluttering with clients, we cover:

  • where to start when you don’t know where to start

  • what you’ll need

  • my simple, foolproof 5-Step Decluttering process

  • how to dispose of your unwanted stuff

  • great ways to organise your new Ace Space

  • how to stop clutter creeping back so you never get in this mess again.

It’s time to SHED the clutter and realise your LOFTy ambitions for the space. 😀

Are you working against the clock? Moving home? People coming to stay?

     This course will get you going and get it done in time.

Don’t put off clearing the attic until you can no longer manage the ladder.

Don’t wait to downsize until you’ve suddenly got to do it fast.

Don’t waste your fabulous storage space.

Dive into this course and go from Room of Doom to Ace Space.

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