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We’re having to do empty the house for some major renovations. It’s so overwhelming. It’s been such so slow progress and the deadline is looming!

I recently took the plunge and joined The Declutter Club, and am currently working through the 10-week Declutter Programme. I can’t recommend it enough! The first few weeks alone have made an ENORMOUS difference.

Although there is so much fantastic stuff from Rachel on YouTube for free, this programme has so many more tips and insights in it that have helped tremendously. A lot of decluttering advice basically boils down to the ‘just do it’ kinda thing but Rachel’s advice goes so much deeper into the psychological issues as to why we might be struggling. And then she gives help on how we can overcome them.
If you have any trouble with procrastination, decision-making, overwhelm, anxiety, etc, then I think this would really help you. It has me 🙂
Alison McLean, Dec 2020

Rachel, I love my new life, thanks to you. Each task I do propels me to the next. Sincerely, thank you for everthing. xxx

PJ, Nov 2020

So stoked with my progress today. Rachel helped me declutter my shed whilst filming it for an online course. The shed is totally transformed and finally workable again.

Liz, Aug 2020

Thank you Rachel for everything! I am so glad with all the work I could do and the changes I see. Your guidance has made all the difference in a situation that I had been fighting with for years and years!


BA, May 2020

I had a huge bag (literally) of clutter that had been sitting in my room for four months. Initially I was hesitant to have a session via video as I didn’t know how it could be productive but I was wrong!

Speaking with Rachel and showing her my surrounds helped me immensely. I was given advice and of course encouragement.

By the end of the first session the bag full of clutter that had been there for months was gone.

Following a week of videos and inspiration, I had my room organised.

My next session was on organising my paperwork, and I got other tips along the way.

If you are hesitant about having a video session, I would encourage you to try it!

PG, April 2020

I had my first session with Rachel this week. I was quite nervous about it, but I didn’t need to be,

Rachel is very good company and the time flew by. Having already seen many of her videos, I felt as though I already knew her.

We got so much done, and it was a joy to see the progress made in just 6 hours.

Rachel is kind, patient and supportive and gives excellent guidance as you wade through the piles of clutter.

I achieved so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

Many thanks Rachel.

JR, January 2020

I can’t believe how much I’ve done in a month! I’ve done more than I’ve ever managed before. I feel very supported and confident that I will achieve my goals.

- BA, July 2018

Decluttering has become my treat instead of my task.

- VF, July 2018

Your emails are fabulous. Thank you for all you do. I am really benefiting from your Sunday messages. I am now taking a regular bale of old clothes to AgeUK every few weeks. And sorting out other parts of the house.

- Sarah, May 2018

I have started decluttering, and have already noticed a decrease in my anxiety! I am so thankful for your help getting my house back in order!

- KW, April 2018

I have immensely benefited from Rachel’s coaching, practically and emotionally.

Together we have created a system for all my paperwork, and she has taught me how to keep it in check. What a relief!

She has guided me though moving in with my fiancé, making great suggestions for our new home and we are so happy! We are so well set up thanks to her. Without her, the fear of bringing my mess with me, and being too scatty, would have cast a shadow on the joy of moving in with my fiancé. I am immensely grateful.

Rachel is resourceful, wise and patient. She has a therapeutic effect as well as being a good “teacher”. She is very smart and psychological as well as patient, structured and practical.

I no longer see myself as, or feel, “scatty”. What an achievement!

We have also addressed my organisational skills (diary, communication, saying ‘no’, morning and evening routines, social media restrictions, etc) which, long-term, will save me so much money, stress and self-criticism.

I recommend regular sessions until you have created a system with your desk/wardrobe etc. Then less frequent maintenance sessions. Best investment ever, seriously.

If there are underlying psychological issues, Rachel will be able gently to advise you to see a psychotherapist but she has many tools she can help you with in the meantime.

- MD, March 2018

It’s really incredible what I have achieved in the past 9 months! Even managed some humongous decluttering/removal tasks with other things with extremely limited time and solo! Taking before and after pics was incredibly helpful, as was the motivation, explanations and guidance from your webpage and mailings. I am extremely grateful to you, I have had to face a lot of things and had fallen into a hole, but now I have turned my life around. My life has absolutely transformed, and I am incredibly happy for removing all that psychological and material burden. Now living and working in the country, healing.

- Rosa Maya, July 2017

I felt your supportive and easy going confidence a great influence on me and, a week after coaching with you, I took your advice and cleared some old sentimental things out and I was offered an amazing job!! I really felt you’d helped me to make space in my life for the new and good! Thank you for that!

- Shireen, April 2017

Just to say a big thank you for the three week programme, it inspired me to tackle quite a few areas in the house!

- AK, December 2016

I get so much out of our sessions and the ripple effect afterwards helps with tons of everyday things.

- Mara, September 2016

I’ve been raving about the help you gave me organizing my hard drive.

People who know me are surprised that I needed to have an organizer help me with this. Indeed it has taken me several years to understand that that’s what I needed.

The fact that in 15 minutes you had summed up in two words what I needed to do, could have made me feel that I was paying good money for nothing. Instead, I wish that I had paid twice this money a couple of years ago because I would have saved so much aggravation.

Your ability to ask simple penetrating questions that gave you a clear viewpoint of how I was working meant that your solution was swiftly and completely implemented.

Thank you so much.

- Gillian Franks, August 2016

During our session on Monday, as you know, I corralled all my bracelets, and arranged them on the mantle on my fireplace so that I could see them – before they weren’t all together, and there were a few that were scrunched up and out of view.

I don’t consider myself a big bracelet wearer, but on Tuesday, I selected a simple but beautiful bracelet to wear that my lovely friend Eliza gave me, and then on Wednesday, Thursday, and today, I decided to wear the bracelet my sister got me only this month. So – now I am a daily bracelet wearer apparently!!! Who would have guessed it? And I’m loving them. So this is really great. Simple, but great.

Similarly, ever since I got all my scarves together and folded them in a way that I can see them all, I’ve been taking the time every morning to choose which scarf I think will go best with my outfit and with the weather. I am loving this.

I’m continuing to read a lot more! This is truly amazing. I think by getting rid of my books that didn’t ‘spark joy’ and then by making sure all the titles are facing outwards, they have almost been screaming out at me to read them.

- Vanessa Kettner, August 2016

The clutter and mess have been bothering me for years!!!!

I now feel that the job of decluttering, tidying, cleaning and organising is manageable and well within my everyday time and energy capabilities. And small repairs in the house etc seem doable.

I have made great progress with nearly spotless bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen cupboards…

Bags and bags of rubbish out of the house…I made two trips to the tip and got rid of broken, damaged and useless rubbish from the garage that I had not dealt with in the past.

I…now have a daily and weekly routine for tidying, cleaning, laundry including any ironing, actioning paperwork, getting rid of unused and broken items. It helps me to look regularly at all aspects of housekeeping/housework, cooking, shopping and paperwork regularly and dealing with it immediately and before it becomes overwhelming and unmanageable again.

I’ve been training (gentle reminders) family members to be part of the cleaning and tidying of the house – one of my rules: cast your eye around a room before they walk out of it (including their bedrooms) and take anything that they have brought into the room and finished using like a cup or book and immediately put it where it belongs i.e. the dishwasher, bookcase or recycling bin etc. This literally takes about half a minute and keeps everything tidy at most times!

I’m trawling through paperwork every Monday now that I have my routine. No need to think every morning about what tasks to do that day. So, it is helping me to declutter paper systematically.

I always felt there were more important things to do rather than go into the garden. Now that I know I will be attending to other jobs during the week, I don’t feel guilty about it.

Now that I have started planning weekly menus (checking what’s in the fridge as I’m doing this) and shopping lists there is very little food waste…And because a shopping list is now blue-tacked to one of my kitchen cabinets with a pencil stuck next to it, it’s very easy to add the list of food, any cleaning materials, dishwasher tablets etc to it as needed. Family members know to add to the list if they want or need something. All I need to do is grab the list and go shopping. I’ve even organised my shopping bags, hanging from a hook in the kitchen.

I have no reason to buy anything other than food and a few basics like cleaning materials etc and strangely I don’t want to go shopping or buy anything, whereas before I had a compulsion to get all the things I’ve accumulated. Now I don’t have too much stuff lying around unused in the house. I’m learning to resist the urge to buy items that are a ‘bargain’. Oh, what a relief!

My most hated job is ironing and putting away clothes but, now that I’ve designated a day for it, I don’t have to think about it on other days.

I am devoting an hour or so [to the garage] whenever I have it and I’m totally inspired to decluttering, cleaning and organising it.

Kitchen gets cleaned every day; I find I can’t sleep if I go to bed when it’s a mess. This is new to me.

Having a routine has been a lifesaver and life-changing for me because now I can devote proportionate amounts of time to different areas for decluttering and organising in my house and garden and not running around like a headless chicken with no aim or plan and not feeling like I was not achieving what I wanted to. I feel like a huge load has been lifted off my head and shoulders.

All the hours spent on this project (decluttering, tidying and cleaning my house) have been so worth it for me.

I am so inspired to carry on because I want space and as serene and beautiful a house as is possible within my budget.

I love your insight into why we accumulate clutter. It’s been a lightbulb moment for me.


  • to store like with like,
  • an appropriate home for everything and
  • STOP bringing items into the house that are not needed and cause the clutter, by not making shopping – in shops or online – a hobby or time filler.

You have been an inspiration! Thank you.

Mimi, Dec 2020

I am so glad I purchased your [Declutter Storage Rooms of Doom] course. This course has been absolutely fantastic for me, you have really helped me with clutter SO much. You are very knowledgeable about this subject, obviously, but I particularly find it valuable how you are very kind and non-judgemental about this subject. It really helps a lot, plus how cheerful you are in the video course. I feel a lot more confident that I can stay decluttered these days. I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to anyone with a clutter problem. It feels great to have the space back! Thanks again lovely lady, with blessings and much appreciation to you.

Julie, Oct 2020

I had not been coping with my life for years, under stress from looking after parents and grandchildren. Any visitors would have noticed my home was not ordered, I had bought things without there being a place for them. My relationships were skewed, I acted out of guilt or pity. Finally the loss of my mother made me feel so lonely.

Now my situation has changed noticeably in a good way. I have followed Rachel’s advice, I  now use a diary to prevent myself becoming too busy. I have a to do list that I write for the next day, I calculate realistically how long tasks will take and reschedule in my diary if there is too much for one day. I have a simple cleaning and washing rota. I shop in a more ordered way. I post often on The Declutter Club private Facebook page to keep me accountable. It is a safe place to ask Rachel and other members advice and also say how you feel. I have regular video calls with Rachel, where we discuss any current concerns. I have done Rachel’s course, Clutter Free in 30 Days. It is very good. 

Rachel has a sympathetic approach. From our first video call to declutter a box of papers, Rachel started to unlock the unhelpful mindset I had. Once I had a crisis, throwing the work we had just done into jeapardy, and I was able to talk to Rachel the same afternoon and received the help I needed. I have come to trust her advice which has changed my life for the better. 

Thank you Rachel for everything you have done. 

PJ, Aug 2020

What I love about The Declutter Club is it’s a safe place and it gives me the platform to say how I feel with like minded people that understand what I’m going through and don’t judge me. I also love the fact that everyone is so very open and honest about their situation and offer lots of support and solutions. It’s made a big difference to my Declutter experience.

AD, May 2020

Speaking to you personally I was given a different way of of looking at the problem. I seem to be seeing things as if for the first time in a new light. I am doing things I have never done before.

PJ, May 2020

I absolutely felt [I wouldn’t be able to get rid of any of] my precious books but after going through your course on how to declutter sentimental items, I decided to tackle my ever-growing book collection. And what’s more sentimental than a book attachment, eh? ;P

Following your advice, I took it slow and took on just one small cubby-hole. Deep down I was thinking, “Yeah, right, this will never work; I love my books too much“. But, lo-and-behold, there were books there I didn’t even know I owned and had no interest in whatsoever, so was easily able to pass on to charity. First attempt, I got rid of about a third like this, with no anxiety or pressure. And, rather than making going through the rest of the bookcase feel daunting, it made it quite a pleasurable experience, clearing out the dross and discovering old favourites.

It’s amazing. Give it a go now.

And of course, it leaves room for lots of new books! Cough, cough, but that’s another matter!!!

Alison McLean, January 2020

Rachel Papworth is an incredible Udemy instructor. I have bought many if not all of her classes. The quality of my life has changed for the better from taking her classes. Slowly I am becoming more organized. I love how compassionate and knowledgeable she is. I was ashamed about my clutter. She helped me to acknowledge it and deal with it. I highly recommend her classes.

- Alexandra Conrads, April 2019

Rachel’s demeanour while giving this advice is a remarkable combination of kindness and supportive while keeping it realistic.

Many people giving this kind of advice come across as either overly serious, know-it-all, judgmental, uncertain, over-simplifying etc. It’s a difficult balance to strike but she does it.

- Chris S, April 2019

I came across your website and other resources and…in a couple of days, you and your material have inspired me more than any other decluttering groups or organizers before.

- HK, July 2018

Rachel is extremely helpful and has kept me on course with my decluttering when I could have given up. Every Sunday an email pops in my inbox and, when I read it, it makes me think about my week and if there is space in it to declutter, even if only a little.

Since I first signed up for Green and Tidy, I have been able to get back to reading and crafting (currently crochet and – new one – needlefelting).

There is still more stuff leaving my house than is coming in so I have high hopes that eventually my decluttering will get to the stage where it’s maintenance decluttering, rather than the big clearouts.

The “not sure” box is a great tip. It’s amazing how often I get rid of what I’ve deemed “not sure” next time I look in it .

Declutter Sentimental Stuff is really helpful for anyone finding sentimental stuff a challenge.

Rachel, you’re 10-star to me. Had you not popped into my life, I would still be sunk in the mire. But I’m now always along the route. That’s down to you. Thanks always.

- Margaret, June 2018

I finally cleared the last corner of my study work bench! It feels great – an absolute relief!

Then I look around and see all the other piles on the desk and other surfaces and door entrance and area in the hallway, and feel total despair that I’ll never manage it all as the cupboards are full too!

After a little while, I remember that I have Green and Tidy right behind me, and that I can do one area at a time with help. So I put the blinkers back on and look at what I have achieved.

- PD, May 2018

You’re worth your weight in gold!

- NS, September 2017

I’ve come a long way getting my home back to ‘normal’, and managed to deal with, and dispose of, an awful lot of stuff. I owe you a big thank you for all your help.

- BT, April 2018

Thank you so much for today Rachel. We cranked through my nemesis [paperwork]! I feel like I’ve been wrestling with snakes and I won!

- RH, September 2017

Rachel you are my diamond. Thank God I found you.

- MTT, May 2017

I wanted to send you a spontaneous thank you.

I was just figuring out what I felt like doing in the few ‘dead’ hours between now and the countdown to New Year’s Eve ‘proper’. And suddenly it dawned on me that I wanted to do my receipts. Not HAD to do my receipts, but WANTED to do them.

I mean, clearly I don’t want to do my receipts in quite the exact same way as I want to visit Iceland, or own a property with a wet room, or sleep with Robert Downey Jr.

But I want to do my receipts in the sense that thanks to working with you over the past 12 months, I now have a clear and established process for doing my work finance admin – one that is tailored to me, and doesn’t cost me any extra money, additional stress, or fancy software that simply compounds the fiddliness.

I’ve realised that retaining and accumulating mountains of paper is what keeps me stuck in Overwhelm Mode endlessly. So now my formula for beating Receipt Stress is that the sooner I can digitally capture the data and get rid of the paper, the calmer and more functional I feel.

With your early help in clearing the years-old paper backlog, and encouragement to start creating new habits today, not One Day In The Magical Unicorn Future, I’ve now experienced the state of what it feels like to be in balance and on top of things, more than 3/4 of the time. Now that I’ve finally experienced that state a certain number of times, and the calm injection and confidence boost it brings, I actively want to do what it takes to return, or as Tina Fey’s character in 30 Rock would say, ‘I want to go to there.’

I think this is just one example of why you would hire a Decluttering Coach, rather than just get a cleaner: the “teach a man to fish” analogy is absolutely what you’ve done for me.

Thank you again for all your help this year, and with this long-overdue Finance Admin foundation in place, I’m (genuinely!) looking forward to mastering more organisational challenges in 2017.

- MT, December 2016

I’m chuffed to bits! My home-office works so much better. I found the lead to my backup drive, which has been missing for two and a half years. That means I can finally update my computer’s operating system so it’ll work much better.

I’ve got the space [I need] and I didn’t realise!

- PM, December 2016

I was one year into an estimated three-year decluttering project when I discovered your website and seven-bag system and I have since progressed twice as fast…Thank you! I really am very pleased with your inspirational help, and have recommended you to several people.

- David Pimpernel, July 2016

A lovely, unsolicited blog post by a recovering hoarder. Thank you!

- Katja Cook, June 2016

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